Why Home Sellers Get Crabby

Frustrated home sellers get crabbyIt’s an unnatural state for any living thing to not be able to move on when the mood or need strikes. Most animals are free to roam the plains, swim the oceans and navigate the skies.

There are even trees in the Amazon known as “Walking Trees” which can grow new appendages that enable them to slowly relocate to areas where they’ll get more sunlight.

Or, take the hermit crab — if the crab wants to move to a different shell, all it has to do is find another one it likes better, pull up next to it, crawl out of the old shell and into the new one. Moving day is over. It doesn’t have to wait for another crab to qualify for a loan… or pull equity from its current shell to put a down payment on its next one.

For most of history, people were in the same situation. If food ran low, water ran dry or too many strangers crowded into one’s territory, you could pull up stakes and move on to better opportunities elsewhere. That’s why human beings have migrated to practically every corner of the earth.

But now, for the majority of home owners, we’re tied to our properties. If our equity is locked up in a home, we don’t want to walk away and lose it (if we can help it) — no matter how much we desire to move on.

No wonder home sellers feel anxious, blue… and maybe a little crabby. It’s against the natural order of life to feel so stuck! This is especially true if your home has been on the market for months or years.

But there is good news: we have much more control over our life circumstances than crabs do. A crab knows nothing about niche marketing, home staging or win/win home pricing.

In my next blog I’ll be talking about some of the big things we do have control over as home sellers. So come back again!

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Why Home Sellers Get Crabby…

[...]A crab knows nothing about niche marketing, home staging or win/win home pricing. In my next blog I'l be[...]…

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