Waiting: Made Fun

Home Selling Blues GiftsWaiting for your house to sell doesn’t have to be a drag. There’s a lot you can do while you wait. For example, you can play Santa.          Give your old stuff away.

Not only will it make your house look better and make moving easier, you get a little thrill each time you give something to someone who really wants or needs it.

The good news is somebody will love whatever you have. I learned this from a chai vendor on a street in Mumbai, India. The vendor  served his hot tea in a glass, wrapped in an old, tattered strip of paper – his version of a coffee cup sleeve.

When he collected my empty glass, he looked frantically for that strip of paper. It was essential to his business. Fortunately, I had it in my backpack, until I could find a trashcan. He rejoiced when I returned it to him.

And it’s like that with almost everything you have. Nowadays, this is especially true, with most of us having less spending money and a growing consciousness toward recycling. Rather than filling just another box in your garage, your possessions may have greater meaning to others.

For example, I have an old bridesmaid dress I wore to my friend’s wedding 20 years ago. I just mailed it to her 18-year old daughter who loved the sentiment behind the dress. I could have given it to Goodwill, but in this case, it was a lot more fun to pass it on as an heirloom.

You Can Recycle Practically Everything:

A good way to find out where to donate a particular item is to type “Donate X” into Google, with the “X” being whatever you want to donate. For example, “Donate Eyeglasses.” Or, go to Oprah.com, which has a section called “Declutter Your Home and Donate to Help Others.”

Have a Give Away Party

My mother came up with another fun giving idea: She set out a table filled with all her goodies and invited her friends to take what they wanted. Everyone was thrilled. Playing on this idea, I got a group of friends together to bring over the spare clothes in their closets. We threw them in a pile, chose what we wanted and donated the rest.

Of course, you can also put your stuff on Ebay, Craigslist, or hold a garage sale to get a little cash. Then you can have some fun with the extra money. Maybe pay an electric bill or two.

While waiting for your house to sell, this is the perfect time to start selling or giving away your things. Why cart around a mountain of old items to your next residence, when you can give them away to someone who will love them today?

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