The Physics of Forks

home selling trouble - cleaning forksTrying to keep your house clean just in case of a showing is yet another home selling difficulty. Luckily, house cleaning follows the laws of physics. A place that’s messy tends to get messier, while a place that’s clean tends to stay that way longer.

For example, take a sparkling clean kitchen countertop. If you put a dirty fork next to the sink, it starts attracting other dirty forks. I think they actually call out to each other, “Hey, I’m over here! Come and join me!”

So the more dirty dishes there are, the more they attract others of their kind. That’s the laws of mass, gravitational pull and momentum. (The larger the mass, the more things gravitate toward it at any moment.)

But, if you put that first dirty fork in the dishwasher, chances are good you’ll continue keeping your countertop clean by putting the next dirty dish in the dishwasher as well.

The same law applies to piles of junk mail, magazines, unwanted garage items and small denomination coins. Put a penny and a nickel on your nightstand and soon it will multiply into a pile of pocket change. (I wonder if this works with $100 bills?)

So, if you want to keep your house “show ready” and eliminate another cause of the Home Selling Blues, put that first fork in the dishwasher right after you use it. Let those dirty forks call out to each other from a place that’s hidden from view.

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