Home Selling Tips Available on Pinterest

If you haven’t started using Pinterest yet, let me tell you about a new way to merrily occupy your home selling time and keep yourself up waay tooo late every night of the week. Pinterest is the latest social media craze enabling businesses and individuals to collect and track interesting visuals and web links, and [...]

Home Sellers With Extreme Taste

One of our dear blog readers who sold her home recently wrote to share a quirky home selling issue: Some of the houses she and her family toured before finally buying their next home, looked great from the outside, but once inside, they were bowled over by the home seller’s, let’s call it, extreme taste. [...]

Home Selling Spring Beautification Tools

Springtime is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for that beloved ritual of spring cleaning! So, ladies and gentleman, start your vacuums! If you’re just putting your home up for sale, or you’ve had it on the market for a while, and it’s not quite as polished-looking as it once was, a [...]

Home Selling Tip: Get Easy Winter Curb Appeal

During the winter, it’s a lot harder to think about gardening – especially if you’re a home seller who is sick of trying to sell a house! It’s much easier to think about winter feasts or sitting around the fireplace holding a mug of hot chocolate with a couple of half-submerged marshmallows. But I’ve noticed [...]

Five Traits of a Winning Home Seller

Yes, the housing market is slow, fewer people are buying and loans are harder to get – but some lucky people are still selling homes. How are they doing it? These lucky home sellers have cultivated five traits that increase their chance of finding a buyer. Ultimately, it boils down to making your home as [...]

Home Sellers: Open Those Windows

With the weather getting chillier, our natural tendency is to shut those windows tight and keep in all that warm air. Unfortunately, by doing so, we’re also keeping in all the stale air and aromas that are uniquely our own. Yes, our scents may smell good to us, such as our colognes and simmering stews, [...]

Save Your Sanity: Create A Hide-Away System

The phone rings. Someone wants to see your house at 4:00. It’s 3:30 now. You look around and see little messes everywhere. Your son’s homework project is spread out on the coffee table, a bunch of spotted bananas and half a loaf of French bread sit on the countertop, and your credit card bill and [...]

Home Selling Tips: Name That House

Here’s a way to give your house a personality and instantly make it more memorable – give it a name. Home naming is an old custom that started when aristocrats began naming their manors and castles. The practice then spread to owners of smaller properties who enjoyed personalizing their homesteads. Today, people still name their [...]