Summer House Selling Mistakes – A Guest Post

I just received this helpful guest blog post — which is relevant to all summer home sellers. Enjoy these seven tips:

Summer home selling tips Summer is hot! And it can be a sizzling time to sell a home, but you can make it even hotter by avoiding common mistakes. When your house goes on the market during the summer, be on the lookout for these oversights that can cool off buyers and turn them away.

Common Summertime Seller Mistakes:

Overgrown Yard: When you’re checking off the packing list for a summer vacation, don’t  forget to hire someone to tend to the yard. Curb appeal is of vital importance in any season, but in the summer when the grass is growing rapidly, it can quickly become an overgrown eyesore that turns off buyers before they get to the door. While you’re at it, make sure there is someone to water plants and grass to keep them nice and perky – dead plants are not attractive.

Overly Hot House: Conserving energy is very important, and a good way to do that is by setting your thermostat higher when you are not at home during the summer months. This can be a negative, though, when buyers come by to look at the house. When buyers walk in from the heat, they want a cool, refreshing, indoor experience. Don’t make a bad impression by having the indoors as hot as the outdoors. Lower the thermostat to 72 degrees and turn on the fans to circulate the air.

Darkness: When the summer sun is shining bright, don’t leave the shades drawn. Pull them back and let that natural light flow in. Dark rooms appear smaller, but light makes them look larger and cheerier. Take down any shades that are not necessary, tie back the ones that are, and open shades.

Stale Smells: When garbage is getting roasted by the sun in the big trash cans outside, it can be even stinkier than usual.  Do your best to eliminate odors. Ask a neighbor if you can put the cans at their house when buyers are on the way. Also avoid stale smells inside.  Empty all of the trash cans indoors, avoid leaving sweaty clothes in rooms, and use a natural (preferably light) scent to keep the interior smelling fresh.

Backyard Bloopers: Most people clean up the front yard and scrub down the house, but it can be a big mistake to skip the cleaning process in the back. Patios, pools, and outdoor furniture will be on buyers’ minds when house hunting in summer months.  Make sure furniture is clean and placed to make the most of your backyard space no matter what size it is. If you have a pool, make sure it is clean and sparkling. Maintain the grass and keep it green. Make your backyard an oasis that buyers will not want to leave.

Humid House: Buyers will look in every room and every closet of the house. Do not let the basement or closed off areas go unattended. Place a dehumidifier in rooms that feel muggy and humid.

Thirsting for Refreshment: When buyers are searching for homes, getting in and out of the scorching car, and walking long periods in the heat, don’t leave them dying of thirst. Help them remember your house by making water bottles or lemonade readily available.

There are lots of things to consider and remember when selling your house, but correcting these summertime selling mistakes can make your house a hot buy. For more information on speeding up the home selling process, contact, investors that buy Dallas houses.

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For more information on overcoming home seller frustration, read Home Seller’s Blues and How To Beat Them.

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