How Social Media Can Help Sell Your Home

Typically I write all the posts for this blog, but I’ve got an article by Maxime Rieman, that’s perfect for home sellers. Maxime writes for the personal finance website, NerdWallet. whose insights for finding the best products, services and organizations have been featured in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

For those who would like to quickly get the word out far and wide that your home is for sale — this article is for you: 

Woman thinking about selling her homeSocial media has weaved itself into so many aspects of our daily lives. For many, it is engaging, fun and important, for some it is of no significance — and for others it is simply bothersome. However, social media attracts a captive audience and interestingly, many transitioning homeowners have not posed the question, how can social media help you sell your home?

If done right, the mere attempt at social media will create buzz, let alone bring contacts directly through such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+ and more.

Link It: Just announcing your home is for sale on every social media site is fruitless. You must create a link. The easier it is for a person to access your information and forward it to friends, the better. If you are selling through a good real estate company chances are they have photographed your home and posted it on their listings page, Facebook, and possibly other home selling websites. All your social media should link to this information.

If somehow your home selling information is not on a website, set up your own page using one or more of the social media platforms available, or create a site using one of the many easy to build website creators. And make sure you include pictures and a room by room video tour of your clean house.

Use Twitter and Instagram: These two social media platforms are the best choice for real estate information blasts. Using photos and videos with clever, even humorous comments helps people understand who the seller really is. Many potential buyers are fearful of people hiding behind problem homes, so when a true personality shines through, viewers are more apt to want to do business with that individual. Home Selling Strategy - use Twitter and Instagram

Keep your posts short, to the point and minimal. It’s also important not to repetitively post your home. Some friends (i.e. potential buyers or friends of potential buyers) may get annoyed and end up hiding your news feed or unfriend you altogether. Usually once or twice per week will keep the ball rolling by providing updates on possible renovations, price changes, curbside appeal and other facts about your home and area. If you are careful and savvy, buzz can really start to pick up.

Think Outside The Box: Go beyond only posting your home and send out pictures and/or videos of your neighborhood. Mention the school rating, how far public transportation is from your door and other attractive amenities that will make purchasing your home more appealing.

Some home sellers have even gone as far as identifying celebrities that live nearby, or historic landmarks in the area.  Others show images of their home during different seasons. All of these are clever additions that real estate agents may not have thought about including.

A man announcing he is trying to sell a home.Appeal to Your Friends: Without sounding desperate, it’s worth a try to post a well-crafted call for help to your social media friends. Describe in as few sentences as possible how you are reaching out to anyone interested or who may know someone interested in your property. You may be surprised at how many people step up with names and ideas that will help you.

Safety: Social media is still the wild west of the Internet, therefore be very careful how much information you hand out. Tell your friends to share your house selling information with only their trusted friends, and never to post comments about when you are out of town or if your home is vacant.

Finally, keep your posts fun and to the point. Make your social media friends feel like they are part of the big picture and you may be able to sell your home faster than you ever expected.

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For me, social media can really help to sell your home. Because nowadays lots of people are using internet. In this way, they can easily see the house through pictures.

Nowadays promoting your house online is absolutely crucial. This is where most home buyers looks first unless they see a home in the window of a real estate office or someone is driving by your house — and even then, viewers often go online to find out more. Social media is the next step in home promotion, spreading the word to get more people to the seller’s website information. Many Realtors these days are active Facebook and Pinterest users for this reason.

I do agree with you though that social media really help a lot in selling your home. Today every person must aware about social media and that is the only reason that your home sells quickly after that. There are many types of sites in which you just to upload the picture of your home as well as add description so that you can sell it easily. It is necessary that you have to put all information clearly and right, so that at the time of selling there will be no problem arise. Apart from that home furnishing is also very important. If your home furnished it will easily sell.

There is a lot to be said about furnishing your home beautifully. This does not have to mean expensively, but just in a style that works with your home. You can often get away with simple furniture in fact — the most important thing is keeping it clean and uncluttered so potential buyers can imagine themselves living within your walls.

These tips are absolutely essential in today’s housing market. If my clients expect to sell their home in Raleigh NC within 60 days, I always make sure each of these steps are done. Thanks for sharing!

This is great information you provided for selling homes with the help of social media. Every home seller should be aware of the power of social media.

Thanks for your comments Mahnoor. Every home seller and every Realtor needs to include social media in their home selling marketing plan.

You’re right Joan. I have managed to sell a few things of my house through social media sharing. It reaches out to people easily. But selling a house requires more than that. I’m not comfortable showing all the crooks and corners of my house just on social media sites. I’d rather use a site such as which is very useful in the UK.

You have provided very helpful tips to sell homes online. This online world makes transactions very easy. Here I must add one point that there are several real estate agents who provide online high quality services for buying and selling of property.

This is a tremendous post.You explained very well about social networking sites and media which can help us to sell our homes very easily. I need to sell my house, please tell me which social networking site is suitable for me.

I find a number of home sellers are having luck by posting photos and information on Facebook and Pinterest… some are also using Twitter and Vine videos.

Very helpful tips, this will help me with my website. Online world makes it easier. Here you can find my website – homes for sale

A great read.
Thanks for sharing.


These are some great points. I think it is important to try and keep it looking like you aren’t really desperate to sell your property by posting too much on social media, as this can put people off. But social media has become such a huge deal, that done in the right way, I think it can really help.

Good points that one should keep in mind to sell a media can really be helpful if it is done in a right way. It will help to increase buyers.Even many other sources can also help in increasing buyers such as getting in touch with some respected real estate firm to sell your house. Even it may also help.

I agree. I have been selling real estate for about 10 years, and the one thing that I would like to add, is take some great photos. Its amazing how much a difference it makes if we just take a few more minutes setting up a nice photo. For example, clean up clutter, arrange furniture neatly, take the photo with the best lighting in the day. For sure avoid photos taken at night.

Excellent piece.

Thank you!

Great information! Thank you for sharing!

I agree with Robert’s comment about taking photos. This is almost essential. The more good photos you have of a home for sale, the more likely potential buyers will want to take the next step and look at it personally. However, night photos can be beautiful if done well with the proper lighting. For example they can be used to reflect off a polished driveway or show the architectural details of a home.

Social Media is immensely helpful when it comes to reaching out to your audience, this is a cost effective tool for the Real Estate Market and can have useful results if done properly.

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Thanks for sharing this valuable blog with us. it’s really very helpful while buying and selling property online. Nowadays, It’s easy to sell your house online without having trouble. Just read out all the pros and cons of real estate online marketing and do what you want to do.

There is a lot to be said about furnishing your home beautifully. This does not have to mean expensively, but just in a style that works with your home. Thanks for sharing this post…….

Your welcome — people at Fort Myers Real Estate!

Great post! This information is very helpful for the peoples who want to Sell House Fast and great Tips for selling your house.

Social media can play an important role in engaging the target audience as the reach of this channel is humongous.

This is a really great post and does a fantastic job explaining how social media can be used – and why everybody should be doing it! The internet is where most home buyers looks first and it’s a great way to promote your home using high quality visuals. Of course people should still be using estate agents but social media is the next step in home promotion, and these days many estate agents are active on Facebook and Pinterest themselves.

Well agree! Social media is great tool now a days for promoting your business, product, events or services. Also its a great for our personal purpose like sell your house, you get the great deal without any Realtor fee etc. Thanks for posting great stuff!!

This is a really great read. Social Media is a very powerful tool of promoting almost everything now. Its amazing how it can reach a lot of people in just a matter of seconds. I’ve seen some pretty good articles and blogs too in try checking them out.

Couldn’t agree more. Even the veteran developers in Dubai selling their properties on social media. Just imagine when a cost per lead is just $4 for $1 Million property, who don’t want to utilize?

I think that your article has been something new tips and topics.That was very important post that you share.Thanks for sharing this article…

hello ! merveilleux étude sur l’immobilier… Je rencontre exceptionnellement des paragraphes de ce type

I totally agree with you. There are a lot of active users in every social media sites nowadays. If you want to target real people and be your potential clients then social media is the best tool. Aside from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I also love Pinterest. This is a photo sharing social media sites almost same as Instagram. You can post all your images on that site to be viewed by your followers.


I’ve been through this!

Social media really helps a lot when it comes to selling your home. When you put your home on the market, it’s so important that your photos represent your home in the most positive light possible! That means they need to depict your home as appealing, bright, clean and free of mess. Make sure that you always get the best shots. After that, share all your photos to your social media accounts for exposure.

Great post. social media is one strategy to help you how to sell your home fast.

Social media can help you in buying your home. Because mostly people use social media. You if they need to buy a home they can see you add in social media while chatting or doing other works.

Agree with the post! Social Media indeed help you out for buying your new home. A share from a family member could be your next dream home.

You added excellent post that you make.Really it will be helpful for us.There are something new ideas.Thanks for sharing this article….


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Thank you

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Social Media is a powerful medium these days to convey any of your thoughts. Even business can be taken to new heights with the help of Social Media. I have personally tested and tried the power of social media for my real estate business and it is really proven to be beneficial. But as every coin has two sides, one should use social media with caution. As people can post anything about you and it should reflect your image, maintaining the online reputation is must.

Reading this article I get more information that you share. Thanks for sharing this article.

Great read! Totally agree with this post. Social Media is a free marketing strategy and could start getting solid leads from your sphere.

Scott Schmitz
Northstar Investment Group

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Selling your home is getting easier with technology. But you are exactly right that you need to do it correctly with social media or it gets lost in the crowd. We help home owners sell their homes the right way at

I gather more information that you published. It will be helpful for us. It has been something new ideas. You should add more info like this.

The power and effectiveness of social media is simply undeniable. Consumer behavior is constantly changing and this is a great example of how marketers need to adapt and change as well.

Social media always help us to sell home quickly. We can post home photos and location on social media.

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It’s a great tips for real estate agent Now a days social media is a very popular tool for branding.In this article you are describe about Social Media If any real esate agents follow these steps get 100% result in real esate industry and aslo off Plan Projects .

Nicely written. With social media and little bit of creativity, alot can be achieved. Twitter for me was most helpful. It definitely is a stress reliever.

Good read. If anyone is looking to sell their house then here are some good tips for you to price home to sell.

I am glad to know that social media can help you in selling your home. Keeping your posts short and to the point would be smart. I like what was said about repetitively posting your home. Hiring a realtor would also be a great way of getting your home out on the market. These people have connections all over the place and would effectively be able to show others your house.

Social media is the powerful medium for selling houses quickly.Peoples are always thinking how do you start selling home quickly. This post help them to know more about social media. Thanks for share with us.

Great article. I’ve also noticed it helps to really become familiar with one social network in particular, get to know the methods of advertising and engaging with others providing value to your followers, the leveraging your audience by cross promoting to your other social networks to build a following there also.



We’ve been through the home selling process… you’d have to pay me to do it again! But, after reading this, it’s made me feel like the entire experience would be a whole lot easier the next time round with social media!

I hope you don’t mind me adding to your list, but one tip that actually really helped me out was home staging. I think we used these people in the end to dress the property for viewing. I don’t think we’d have sold it so quickly without them…but then again – I didn’t have this blog last time round!

Thanks for sharing xx

Social Media has become an important part of our daily lives and people prefer searching for things online before they proceed to buy, same goes with real estate, the world wide web has emerged as a big platform fro real estate hunting, a nicely written article indeed.

One of the best blog posts I’ve read! Thanks a ton for sharing this!

Thanks for sharing such a great information..Its really nice and informative..

Brilliant article, these social media tactics will definitely help improve our off plan property social media strategy.

This is quite interesting, I will definitely share this with my marketing team in our real estate brokers company.
appreciate the post.

Interesting topic. as a part of a real estate company this would help a lot.

thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing information.

Yes its true that social media help in selling properties, I have seen major developers like Emaar , or Damac properties use major social media channels to promote their properties.

Social Media definitely helps a lot in selling your house especially if you choose the right words and photos. Great blog by the way!

It’s really good. Nowadays social media is a big factor to highlight anything.

I will do some implementations as per the suggestions provided by you.

Today, Social media is the best way to sharing information. Such a nice article.
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These days Social Media Platforms are so in our daily life routine and it impacts our lifestyle as well. Very helpful topic and will definitely share with others

Rightly said, Social media is playing major role for kind of business.
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I want to say thank you for this article and helping thousands of Realtors become more successful.

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Hello Joan this is a great article for home sellers i personally own a real estate company and we buy and sell houses all of the time using social media. Facebook is how we sell all of your houses. If any of your audience is interested in selling a home also please stop by my website and i may be willing to help as well. We Buy Houses in any condition at any price.

Reading this article touched me very deeply, thank you so much for writing such a great article, I will definitely follow your blog.

In UAE these Days offplan property portal selling Properties and get leads from social media

This really hits all the good points! Although it was written some time ago I think it is still very relevant today.

Using social media to sell your house is essential today, particularly in the age of COVID-19. It can get the word out in your area and pique buyers’ interest at really no cost to you as the seller.

I would like to emphasize the use of photos. Be particular about the quality of your photos! Try to make sure all shots are well let and clearly in focus. Use a variety of wider shots that show the exterior of the home from all sides. Use wide shots inside when you can and take some closeups of anything you’d like to accent-like a granite countertop or backsplash.

Our company buys houses for cash in Massachusetts and has used social media extensively. If any viewers in the area would like some insights on how to sell, or find out how much our offer would be for their house, please give us a call at (978) 254-3800 or visit us online at:

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