How Color Psychology Can Sell Your Home Faster

Using color psychology to help sell your home:

Anxious home sellerAs many people around the globe have discovered, selling your home in a slow economy can be a nail-biting, anxiety-provoking experience. Maybe you’ve considered redecorating your house just to make it more sellable, however that can be expensive and frustrating because you’re doing all the work for someone else… not you.

Well, there’s another way to give your home a dramatic lift at much less cost — and it can make a new family fall in love with your house. All it may take is a few cans of the right color of paint.

By using color psychology you can subtly influence a house hunter’s emotional state. For example, light colors reflect natural light and help a room feel larger. When light colors are combined with clever mirror placement and a good natural light source, a room can look much larger and more alive than it did before. Even a pocket-sized guest room can look spacious with the right combination of color, mirrors and lighting.

Home Selling tricks for small rooms

How to use the “blank canvas” effect to attract home sellers:

By painting your rooms neutral “blank canvas” colors, such as calm shades of white, cream or beige, potential home buyers can more easily visualize a room decorated in their own personal style. This is important because it helps them imagine actually living in your home. Dark colors, elaborate wallpaper and even “pretty decorative clutter” make it harder for people to envision their own belongings inhabiting your rooms.

On the other hand, you don’t want a room to look so bare and neutral that it becomes stark and forgettable. That’s where choosing just the right color comes into play.

What colors should I use in my house?

White: This is the color of purity, cleanliness, efficiency and reflection. But pure white isn’t usually a great choice because it can look so cold and stark. The only rooms where you might consider using it is in the kitchen or bathroom, or corridor… or closet.

Painting rooms redRed: This is the color of excitement and it’s the most eye-catching “wow” color you can use. It’s associated with passion, energy and warmth. However a little can go a long way. Giant walls of red can be alarming. Instead, use it sparingly to highlight specific areas of your home.

Blue: This is the color of cool, quiet serenity. Painting a bathroom or bedroom a beautiful light blue creates a relaxing oasis that many house hunters crave.

Yellow: Cheerful, friendly yellow creates a positive emotional state that can make people want to buy your home. However, too much yellow can be overpowering, so use it in particular rooms, such as a family room or kitchen, not in every corner of your house.

Add green for home selling appealGreen: This is another calming, restful shade because it is the color of nature. Combine it with natural light and a sprinkling of house plants and you can instantly create a comfortable, attractive room.

By simply painting your walls with these colors you can create a fast, yet effective new decorative scheme that just might help you sell your home faster – without spending a lot of time and money in the process.

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I have no doubt that there is an incredible energy in colors. Recently I found out that my synesthesia paintings emanate energy. Because of synesthesia I see colors when I hear names and words. Since years I paint what I see, I paint names and inspirational words. Recently people were telling me that they feel an energy flow coming from my paintings. They even recognize themselves in the paintings. This is so fascinating

Color is energetic wavelengths, so it makes sense that we can be subtly influenced by a color’s energy, whether you are looking at a big yellow wall, a cobalt blue sky or a beautiful painting.

I agree. Colors do have the ability to make or mar a selling potential. Apart from playing with the psychology of the prospective buyer, colors change the appearance of a room dramatically.

sell ugly house fast

Colors are huge in selling. When I first started real estate 13 years ago the builders were mostly still using “builder white” but now are all using colors from natural tones to bolder accent walls. The feeling you get while in the home is nearly as important as the square footage, area, beds, baths etc to a buyer so if a seller can use some color to bring more money they should do it. Great points, thanks for the tips.

You’re welcome Derrick! Paint is such a fast, inexpensive way to make a big difference in a room and in a home, inside and out. i was just speaking with a home stager who suggested that a home seller paint her yellow living room walls an elegant champagne color because it will help raise the price of the property! Just the color alone can potentially increase the sales price — even though yellow paint costs the exact same amount as champagne color paint. I think that’s funny when you think about it!

I also find that where you live and the climate of your area should come into play when it comes to choosing a room color. If home owners live in an area with a lot of grey skies and cool weather, for example, they should consider colors that bring warmth to the home, such as a subtle peach versus an elegant, but cool grey color. Thanks Stacy for contributing to our blog comments.

Absolutely agree,the color of a house both inside and out can make a huge difference in how much you get from your home.

When showcasing or staging a home, I’ve never thought about how useful and easy it could be to improve a listing with color. It costs paint! Thanks so much for these tips.

Yes, it’s true EJ, a simple can of paint can make a dramatic difference in a house and it takes so little time to do it, compared to so many home improvement and remodeling projects.

Luxurious neutral colors and lively accents inside your home can make “blah” rooms come alive… and a house that looks alive will help it sell for a better price.

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We agree! We have had customers that couldn’t sell their house because of the old paint & odd colors. Not everyone likes to live in pink houses. Great article Joan!

Most people don’t like pink house, you’re right on that one… but yellow is another story. It’s amazing how many home buyers fall in love with a happy yellow house. (I’ve done it myself!)

It is very important to your home color. I get lots of color information from your blog. I like it very much that you published with us. Thanks for sharing this.

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