Home Selling Tips for Attracting Fall and Winter Buyers

Home Selling In the Fall Now that the leaves are falling in droves and rain and snow are on the way, home sellers need to adjust their approach to maintaining curb appeal. Front yards can look pretty drab once the leaves drop and all the flowers are gone, so it’s important to create new ways to make the front of your house inviting to house hunters.

Here’s a handful of things you can do right now to attract cold weather buyers:

Add pops of color and life by bringing in a few red berry bushes or colorful local foliage you can keep outside in bright color pots or plant along your entrance way. The added benefit of the pots is that you can take them with you when you move, so they are a small investment that can help sell your house now — as well as add color to the next place you live.

Keep your walkways, sidewalk, driveway and decks clear of leaves, snow, mud and ice. Not only do these things distract potential buyers from seeing the attractive stone, wood or brickwork buried underneath, they can be a hazard. One time my husband and I were walking up to a property when I heard a “whoosh” and then a “whoomp” behind me. I turned around to see my husband on the ground, after slipping hard on the slick, leaf-strewn walkway. That little event jaded our perception of the house. We couldn’t see buying a place where our first glimpse led to black and blue marks.

Bathe your home in warm lights. Now that many of your home showings will take place in dimmer light conditions, you can take advantage of the positive effects of strategic lighting. Consider installing little lights along your walkway, which can be purchased inexpensively at home improvement stores. You can also wrap strings of white lights around your trees for an attractive, memorable look. In addition, put warm pink or orange-hued light bulbs in your lamps and move them close to the windows so your home appears to have a warm glow. Then before each showing, turn on all the lights so visitors can see your home at its winter best.

Show seasonal photos of your home. I wrote about this in a previous blog entry in September, that it’s a good idea to include photos of your home during spring and summer so home buyers can see your property when it is in full bloom. Because most potential buyers aren’t master gardeners, they won’t know which of your now naked branches and dormant bushes will explode into color when the sunshine returns.

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