Home Selling Tips: Your Garage

Think about your garage. You might not think of it as a very attractive room, but it can be an important selling point.  Especially if other home sellers aren’t paying attention to their garages, while yours stands out from all the competition.

Instead of your garage being a dark, spider-webby place piled high with things that have no other place to go, you can make your garage a work of art. Here’s how:

Cut the clutter: I know this is boring and everyone says this, but it also applies to the garage. First, put all “like” things together so it looks more like art, than a mess. If your garage is jammed packed, consider off-loading the mess to a storage closet. Or, if you know someone with extra space, rent it from them or do a trade of tasks.

Clean it up: Once the clutter is gone, or at least organized, you’ll have more floor and wall space. Now you can sweep out the leaves and dead bugs, clean the walls and windows, and get rid of those spider webs.

Decorate: Here’s the fun part. Hang art work on your garage walls. Make yourself a drive-in art gallery using spare art that didn’t make it into your home. If you have a picture of a cow that Aunt Maggie gave you, but you never saw fit to hang in your living room…  this is the place for it. Cow art look fabulous hanging in the garage because it’s unexpected. Same goes with many spare prints or framed posters you may have.

Add plants: If you have a window that allows enough light in, consider putting a plant or two on a bench in your garage. They freshen the air, add life and are another unexpected surprise. Just remember to water them.

Take a picture: Hardly anybody includes a picture of their garage in their home selling material. You’ll be the only one who has one. If people see a photo of your garage looking all arty, it’ll make your home stand out. A lot of men will become quite excited about your garage, after all, this is often their domain for tinkering or getting away from it all.  A gorgeous garage will get noticed.

Enjoy it while you have it: Now is the time to enjoy that garage, while the house is still yours. But it might not be yours much longer if you end up selling it because your garage attracted just the right buyer.

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