Home Selling Tip: Use Your Rooms Right

Home Selling Tip: Make a Bedroom a BedroomHow you use your home normally might be very different from how you need to display it when it’s on the market.

Let’s say you don’t need your dining room, so you’ve turned it into a home office. That might work well for you, but if you keep it looking like an office when you are trying to sell your house, you’re going to turn off a lot of buyers.

They won’t be able to visualize your house having a dining room, even though it’s right next to the kitchen and has a crystal chandelier hanging right over your copy machine.

You are much better off reverting your rooms back to their original purpose before trying to sell your house — or you just might confuse some potentially unimaginative buyers.

This goes for any room you’re using for an unexpected purpose. For example, if you’re using a bedroom as an office, consider adding a futon or daybed to the room, just to give buyers the signal that yes, this room really, truly is a bedroom.

This also goes for your garage. As tempting as it is to park all your boxes and extraneous items in this precious space, you’re better off moving them to a storage closet when your house is for sale, and using your garage for the luxurious purpose of parking your cars.

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