Home Selling Tip: Get Another Set of Eyes

Home Buyer EyesDo you have a friend who is completely comfortable telling you what he or she thinks? Someone honest, but nice, who can tell you the truth about anything that might turn off potential buyers?

I know this isn’t the most pleasurable activity, but it’s important. Being that you live in your house, it’s more difficult to view it with the eyes (and nose) of a house hunter. An honest friend – who you’ve given license to tell the truth – can point out things that may cause buyers to walk out of your house.

For example, you might not notice the negative impact a loose door knob, a crooked drawer, a cracked toilet seat or a messy front porch might have on a buyer’s psyche, but a friend pretending to be a house hunter can. Your friend can also point out aromas that you might not notice, such as a mildewy carpet smell or something ugly emanating from a garbage disposal.

One time a very tall house sitter of mine diplomatically told me I had loads of dust atop my range hood. Being I’m six inches shorter, I didn’t realize it. I don’t usually stand on a ladder to clean my kitchen. But every tall house hunter would have a commanding view over that dirt. (See “Get a Giraffe’s View” post for more on this.)  I’ve also been on the other side of the coin, pointing out dangling cobwebs that a home selling friend hadn’t noticed.

So my advice is this: Invite a sharp-eyed friend over to your house and follow them around with a pad of paper, taking note of anything that needs changing or fixing. Then reward them for their bravery and candor with a good cup of tea or a sandwich and a big thank you. Their feedback might help you sell your home faster and save a lot of time.

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