Home Selling Tips: Name That House

Here’s a way to give your house a personality and instantly make it more memorable – give it a name. Home naming is an old custom that started when aristocrats began naming their manors and castles. The practice then spread to owners of smaller properties who enjoyed personalizing their homesteads.

Today, people still name their summer cottages, RVs and boats, but they don’t think to name their primary residences. This is a shame because naming your home is such an easy thing to do, and it gives it a sense of charm and uniqueness that separates it from the crowd. And it doesn’t matter if your home is a little tract house in the suburbs, a 1950′s rancher or a city condo, every house deserves an endearing name.

Now I don’t mean naming your home “Fred” or “Pat’s Place” though. I mean giving it a lyrical name that captures your home’s environment or architecture. For example, “Hill House” or “City Lights” or “Shady Corner.”

If you don’t have something unusual about your property that inspires a name, you can create one: Plant some red roses around your door and call your home, “Red Rose Cottage.” Put up a few hummingbird feeders and call it, “Hummingbird House.” Or, install a hammock and some painted flower boxes on your front porch and call your home, “The Haven.”

Once you’ve figured out a name, put up a little plaque near your front door made of wood, stone, ceramic or metal to complement your architecture or surroundings. If you need some help creating a plaque, go to a local wood or metal maker, sign shop or ceramic studio that can make it for you.

Now, just imagine house hunters walking up to your house and realizing they’ve discovered a unique sanctuary with its very own name. Because so few people do this, you can make your home quite memorable in the minds of potential buyers. You might also enjoy living in your house a little more while waiting for a sale.

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