Home Selling Tip: How To Gain Web Appeal

Home selling web appeal Almost 90% of all home buyers start their search online. With numbers like this, it’s important¬† that your property has as much “web appeal” and it has “curb appeal.” You won’t get many people pulling up to your curb without thoroughly engaging them online first.

What’s the best way to gain web appeal? Showcase a lot of great photos. People always look at the pictures. A few days ago I was on a site featuring photos of homes for sale in New York. Amongst the featured properties was a house buried under several feet of snow.

I wonder how many hits that frozen house got versus the homes that displayed attractive spring gardens? You get the picture.

The more well-lit, well-composed photos you have of your front yard, backyard, corridors, bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, you name it… the better. If there’s heavy competition amongst homes for sale in your area, it’s to your advantage to bring in a professional photographer and a stager to help make those photos sing.

You want your rooms to look like they belong in a hotel brochure. Even if you have small, non-descript rooms, you can still make them look compelling.

I once stayed in an old hotel with tiny rooms, but I was so drawn in by the online photos… the reflection of a crystal vase of flowers on a sparkling sink through a gilt-edged mirror, a close-up shot of plush velvet drapes framing the morning light through a window… I booked the room for four nights. Such is the power of beautiful photos.

Of course “web appeal” also means attractively pricing your property and carefully crafting your home selling message to appeal to today’s buyers, but the importance of compelling photos can’t be underestimated.

You might have a wonderful property inside and out, but if your photos are flat, shadowy, or commit any number of photographic sins, many potential buyers will click onto the next house, where the photos will better capture their attention.

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