Home Selling Tip: How To Create a Home-Buyer Magnet

Home Selling Tip: Creating a Home-Buyer MagnetI know, your home selling experience probably hasn’t been much fun. But wait! Here’s a home selling tip that will make your home more desirable to buyers while simultaneously making it more fun to live in while you wait:

All you need to do is identify a small space in your home, such as an attic, basement or windowless room that is currently being used to store boxes, broken objects or forgotten toys and transform it into a highly functional destination within your home.

For example, I once had a house with a small, windowless room which the previous owner used to store her vacuum cleaner, mops and cleaning supplies. When I moved in, my first order of business was to transform it into a reading room and library.

I painted the walls yellow, brought in a few tall bookshelves and a comfortable chair, rug and reading lamp and suddenly I had a tranquil retreat that became my favorite room in the house!

Here are five other ideas for turning your “extra space” into a “go-to place” that home buyers will treasure:

  1. Gym or Yoga Studio: Put a mirror on the wall, bring in some free weights or exercise equipment, add a little music system and you’ve got yourself a new gym without any membership fees.
  2. Wine Cellar: Do you have a cool, dark space in your home that isn’t getting much attention except from spiders? Creating a wine cellar might be just the ticket. Add a few wine racks, stencil some grape vines on the wall and bring in a tall bistro table and chairs and you’ll raise a few eyebrows amongst oenophillic home buyers.
  3. Kids Playroom: Got toys? Got noise? Playrooms are a great idea for controlling clutter and will attract home buyers with kids, grandkids or frequent young visitors. Add a few storage bins or shelves and lay down some play mats and you’ve just scored points with many house hunters.
  4. Hobby Studio: Anyone with a creative bent will appreciate a room dedicated to their passion, whether it’s painting, model-building, jewelry-making, writing, practicing an instrument or recording music.
  5. Media or Game Room: Whether you’re a ping-pong champion, pinball wizard, Wii lover or movie buff, you can quickly create a fun zone by installing a mini fridge and popcorn maker next to your favorite pastime device.

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Exterior curb appeal and web appeal are both critical in today’s market. My blog post from 5/31 covers the “web appeal”angle. And of course, fixing a roof or any other item to improve your home inspection report is a major plus for sellers.

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