Home Selling Tip: Getting The Inspiration

I was reading Joe Manausa’s Tallahassee Real Estate blog post from January 17th, 2012, “Should You Wait Until Next Year To Sell Your Home?” and chuckling at the image of a skeleton sitting on a park bench. The blog post mentions that a lot of people are sitting it out… waiting until next year, when hopefully, the market starts to look better.

Manausa contends that as you sit on the sidelines waiting, the market is dropping lower and lower. During the last six years the sellers who waited it out, got less, on average, each year for their home.

There’s lots of reasons for waiting it out, financially and otherwise. Home selling is a lot of work and it takes guts these days! (And choosing to hold on to your house takes guts too.) So I wanted to let you know about a gutsy project I just finished myself:

I just published an Ebook on Amazon called “Instant Guts! Smart Risk Taking and Decision Making To Win in Every Area of Your Life.” What’s gutsier, I decided to sell it for .99 cents.

I want to encourage and inspire anyone sitting on the fence… holding back, into taking action — whether that means doing what it takes to get your house sold, renting it out and moving to Costa Rica, or staying put and setting up a new home business for extra income.

Whatever it is you’re holding back on doing, this Ebook is a shot of courage to get you moving ahead in 2012. So please, take a moment and check it out. (And sorry for the blatant advertisement… I’m just excited about my new baby!)

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