Home Selling Scenario – When Buyers Fall For Your House

Home Selling PerilsRecently I accompanied my friend Deb on a house hunt. As we were making our way up a slick wooden walkway to the front door of a house she really wanted to see, I heard a loud whoomp behind me.

I turned around to see Deb flat out on her back, checking out the house from a new angle. She picked herself up with a painful groan and we proceeded to tour the home — but she had already decided that she would never buy it. She couldn’t imagine living in a place where her first memory would always be of falling down.

Luckily Deb wasn’t badly injured and she wasn’t the lawsuit-filing type. If it was another house hunter, things may have turned out differently; the home owner could have been smacked with a nasty lawsuit.

As a home seller you are in a unique position of having to open your door to a lot of strangers, but what makes it even worse is you’re usually not even around to tell them,”Watch your step!” And that’s just one concern — another is the possibility of theft. Although most house hunters have good intent, you still have to be careful that someone doesn’t fall for your things… such as an expensive necklace. And, you have to make sure that someone doesn’t unlock a window or door so they can come back later to claim your laptop.

That’s why it’s important to take preventative action: Make your home as stumble-free as possible. Hide your expensive belongings. And check that all entryways are locked after every showing. But it’s still hard to control everything.

So an additional way to protect yourself is through your homeowner insurance. I talked to a home insurance specialist at cheapinsurance123.com who told me that depending upon your policy, your insurance will cover damage to your home from various perils, theft of property inside or within the vicinity of your home, and different levels of liability coverage. You can also elect to pay an additional fee to have your expensive jewelry or other items covered in case of theft.

As a home owner, it’s a good idea to check your policy to find out exactly what’s covered, and to what level. If it looks like you need more protection as a home seller, you can always add to your policy.

Of course, it would be better to have home buyers fall for your house, instead of in it, but by taking the right preventative measures and checking that you’ve got an adequate amount of insurance, you can at least know you’re covered from all angles.

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Thanks for the blog post, I’m looking to buy my first property so its useful reading posts like this. Thanks.

Good, I’m glad it’s helpful. I think now, more than ever, when you are considering buying a home, you should also consider how easy it will be to sell it later down the road — and to maintain your property so it is highly sellable.

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