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NHome Selling Exercise Toolow that the holidays are over, most everybody is thinking about ways to get more exercise, burn off excess cookie calories and better organize their lives. If you’re a home seller this is good news, because you can actually accomplish all three of these things simultaneously!

How? Since one of the frustrations of home selling is constantly needing to keep your house clean in case of a showing, why not incorporate an element of exercise into your cleaning efforts? Every time you enter a room, look for one physical activity you can do to clean or organize your home in less than a minute flat. I call this “microcleaning.”

For example, before leaving the kitchen, give the floor a quick sweep. In the bathroom, give your mirror, sink or tub a quick scrubbing, or chase down a dust bunny or two. In your home office, quickly dust your printer or monitor. When you step outside, stoop down and pick up some leaves or pull up a few weeds. By doing this, you are constantly in motion… sweeping, scrubbing, bending and weeding.

I once read about a study conducted on hotel maids. The maids were split into two groups. One half received a lecture about the amount of exercise they were getting on the job, the other half didn’t get the lecture. Both groups went about their jobs for a month and were called back for a follow up interview. The study concluded that maids who were aware that they were getting ongoing exercise burned more calories, lost more weight and reported greater job satisfaction than the maids who didn’t think about the exercise they were getting.

It could be that the maids that knew they were exercising put a little extra oomph into their movements, causing them to burn extra calories. But this little fact is important. It means that when you are aware that you are getting exercise, you tend to put more of yourself into it — and you may even enjoy the process more.

The moral of the story is to notice all the little cleaning acts you do (plus try to do more of them), and realize that these activities not only help keep your house clean, they can help keep you lean!

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