Home Selling Apps We Only Wish We Had

Apps for those who need help selling a house I wrote a post recently about five mobile apps that make home selling easier. These apps help home sellers price their homes competitively, provide smart decorating tips, and even turn the air conditioning on before a home showing appointment.

But, really now, frustrated home sellers need a little more hands-on support.

So, I came up with a list of dream apps to make the home selling process even easier, faster — and guarantee your home will be sold:

1. Extreme Beacon of Light App – Broadcasts your home selling message straight out into the universe from your “For Sale” sign,  instantly attracting interested, qualified home buyers who are not waiting for their own house to sell first. Potential buyers receiving the broadcasted message will immediately call and make an appointment to see your house and no other.

2. Instant Closet, Garage and Pile Sorting App – Takes the boredom, tedium and indecision out of what to do with all your things. This app automatically calculates the percentage of clutter you have within any given area and then identifies, sorts and sends your excess clutter to the most appropriate place — whether that’s a storage closet, a charity organization or your garbage can.

3. Spontaneously Spotless Home Showing App - The minute a house hunter wants to see your home, this app kicks in and picks up all the little and big messes throughout your house, including kitchen crumbs and piles of laundry, and it gives your sink and tub a good scrubbing. And, because this is a mobile device, you don’t even have to be home to activate it, so you never have to worry about surprise showings again. You’ll always have confidence that your house will be clean.

4. Invisible Pet Cloaking App - Keeps your pets from being in the way, or having to remove them before home showings. With Invisible Pet Cloaking, (IPC) all a prospective home buyer sees is the carpet, flooring or couch where your pet is located — even though your dog may be three feet away and barking up a storm, or your cat is winding around the buyer’s legs.

5. Complete and Total Irrestistibility App - Eliminates home buyer’s doubts, objections and pickiness. With this app, buyers instantly see beyond a home’s too-small bedrooms, damaged roof, or creaky flooring, and instead focus on all of your home’s amenities — which ultimately leads to an offer on your house.

6. Counter-Offer-Stopper App – Are you unhappy when potential buyers counter your price with a lower price than what you want? This app inspires potential buyers to knock that off and pay you what you want. Simply enter the name of the counter-offerer into your mobile device and you’ll see them drop any counter-offer behavior and beg you to seal the deal immediately on your terms.

7. Automated Moving App - The moment a sales contract is signed this app begins packing up your things in the order of their usefulness, boxing up the least-used items first, such as your monogrammed steak branding kit, and leaving out your most-used items, such as your computer, until moving day. It also has a handy back-up system, so just in case the deal falls through, it immediately finds a new buyer, so the move can go on uninterrupted.

Oh, how we wish we could get these apps now. Sadly, they are all still on the drawing board.

But in the meantime, if you’re a home seller who needs some cheering up and unique tips on making your home stand out amongst your competition, read Home Seller’s Blues and How To Beat Them. Available in paperback and ebook from http://www.homesellersblues.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and the Apple iBookstore.

I’ll let you know when the seven apps above are ready for shipping.

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