Home Selling Advice: Words That Sell a House

Home selling descriptionWhen it comes to writing a description to help you sell a house, picking the right words can make all the difference. The reality is that you are in direct competition with experienced wordsmiths who know how to fill a buyer’s mind with beautiful mental images.

The right description drives house hunters and real estate agents to schedule a viewing, as well as positively influencing their first impression of your property.

A dull description puts you in danger of having your home passed over in a heartbeat. This is especially true if there are a lot of listings in your area and house hunters are quickly combing through the possibilities.

The people behind homesales property finder shared their site with me, which includes many examples of charmingly described homes. Take a look at the property details of their featured homes to get some home selling inspiration!

How To Word Your Home Selling Description:

Home Selling Features ListGet Specific:

Starting at the top of your description, include the most important details of your home first. And don’t just call it a gourmet kitchen — describe your pizza oven from Italy, or the soaring Palos Verdes rock fireplace in your bedroom. Drop brand names that signify high quality, such as Sub Zero and Miele.

Describe exactly what you see out your windows. Go beyond saying, “beautiful views,” and write about the aspen forest or sparkling city views spread out like a blanket beneath your living room windows.

Instead of writing “remodeled or updated bathroom,” describe the elegant fixtures, spa shower and radiant heated floor. Even if your home is a small condo, you can still include specific details that will attract a buyer’s attention — such as a walk-in closet deep enough to fit a full-size dresser, or eco-friendly and energy-efficient features.

Paint a Picture of the Lifestyle:

Make it easy for a home buyer to see themselves living in your space. Paint a mental picture of the private shady wooded yard for lazy afternoons in a hammock, or the free-flowing floor plan for easy entertaining. Also include neighborhood amenities, such as “a three-minute walk to side-walk cafes and grocery shopping.”

The more you’re able to tell a story about your home’s lifestyle, the more mouth-watering it will sound. Include features of the garage, such as built in shelves and the large desk for the hobbyist. Describe how the terrace off your kitchen is perfect for morning coffee in the sunshine.

Home selling descriptions that sell houses Use Subjective Adjectives Sparingly:

Don’t describe the house as George Clooney if it’s not. Be careful of how many adjectives you use.

It’s like that blind date where the friend who fixed you up described your soon-to-meet date as gorgeous, brilliant and hysterical, and as a result, your expectations were so high, that it was a let down when you finally met.

In other words, avoid using words like massive, drop-dead gorgeous, and amazing, if that’s not really the case. Instead, focus on the specifics and functionality of your home and its environment (or your date.) Yes, it’s okay to use an occasional “beautiful,” just don’t pepper your description so full of it that house hunters are disappointed when they finally walk through your door.

Price Your Home Right and Tout It:

I can’t stress how important it is to set your price competitively from the start. This is when your home will have the most attention and excitement surrounding its entry into the market place.

Hungry home buyers and Realtors will jump to schedule a viewing if it’s described right and attractively priced. If so, you are perfectly justified in saying something like, “Great price for this area!” or “Won’t last long at this low price!”

Take the time to create an eye-catching home description. Don’t expect the photos to do all the selling for you. Yes, great photos are important, but the combination of the right description and beautiful photos will put you at the top of a home buyer’s “must see” list.

For hundreds of ideas on how to make your home stand out above all the other homes for sale in your area, read Home Seller’s Blues and How to Beat Them. Available in paperback or ebook at Amazon.com.


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I can see how this completely makes sense for selling a home but does it still apply if you are wanting to rent your home out rather than sell it?

Hi Nikki, If you want to rent your home out rather than sell it, the right description of your home can help you rent it out faster. This is especially true if you are competing with other rental properties in your area. The more you can help a potential renter visualize what you are offering, the more likely they’ll come and check it out. So yes, this blog post applies to frustrated home sellers who have decided to rent their homes out for a while, or those who aren’t in the market to sell at all — and just want to rent it out.

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This is such a nice and informative blog. It helps me a lot while selling my house.

When it comes to writing a description to help you sell a house, picking the right words can make all the difference. There are quite a number of houses for sale and purchasing one of these homes could prove to be a great investment.

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Words are mighty, make sure to make good use of it. The beauty of the home will depend on how it concretely appears but the charming appeal that is abstract will only depend on how you describe it.

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