Home Selling Advice: Upgrading Your Kitchen For Way Less Money

Home Selling Tip on Kitchen UpgradesAs the days get shorter and the nights get colder, people tend to gravitate to the warmth and safety of the kitchen. But what if warped cabinets, ugly flooring, or cracked, crowded countertops distract from your kitchen’s ambiance?

Well, you might think about doing a remodel… but the average price these days for a good kitchen remodel can be over $100,000. Yow! So what if you’re not exactly in the mood to spend that kind of money?

There is an alternative. Portland, Oregon Real Estate Broker, Alexis Halmy, just sent me some great information on kitchen remodeling that lists many ways to drastically reduce the cost of upgrading your kitchen.

Let’s look at the key components of your kitchen and what you can do to upgrade each one:

Cabinets - New cabinets can cost you $20,000, but instead of replacing them, you can paint or resurface them for much less. You can repaint your cabinets for under $200 or resurface them for $2,000 to $4,000. Add eye-catching new drawer pulls and you’ve just made a major change to the look of your kitchen.

Flooring – There are a wide range of inexpensive flooring options that will look great with your revamped cabinets. For example, you can pick from thousands of colors and types of ceramic or porcelain tiles that can run as low as $1 a square foot for ceramic tile and $2 for porcelain. (Or choose from laminate flooring or easy-to-install vinyl tiles and sheets.)

Countertops – You don’t have to spend thousands on granite countertops to give your kitchen that high-end look. Now, you can find beautiful ceramic tiles from $20 per square foot, or you can replace your countertop with an elegant, easy-to-care-for laminate from around $10 a square foot. These laminates come in a large variety of colors and patterns, and can possibly be installed directly on top of old laminate, eliminating removal time and expense.

Appliances - You can save yourself up to $7,000 by revamping your current appliances instead of replacing them. In my blog post from 7/12/11, I mentioned that you may be able to repaint your current appliances to give your kitchen a quick update. Now there’s an additional option: you can apply a “peel and stick” stainless steel film to your appliances to give them a whole new look. Imagine that… stick on stainless steel!

Painting - Finally, there’s nothing like applying a fresh coat of $12 to $30 a gallon paint to brighten up your whole kitchen. If your home is on the market, or about to be, select a zero or low VOC paint to drastically reduce the smell of paint fumes in your kitchen area.

If you are trying to sell a house now, or thinking about it in the near future, upgrading your kitchen will not only make a big difference in your ability to attract serious buyers, it will also enable you to seriously enjoy your kitchen right now, this winter, while you are spending quality time at home.

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