Home Selling Advice: Upgrade Your Entryway The Easy Way

Home Selling Advice on Enhancing Your EntrywayAs a home seller, you’ve got about two or three seconds to wow a buyer when they first walk in your door.

How do you feel upon entering your own home? Are you impressed? Is your entryway spacious, peaceful and well lit? Or, are you greeted by a dark wall, a pile of shoes or miscellaneous objects d’clutter?

Whether you have a dedicated spacious entryway, a grand foyer or your front door opens right into your living room, you should make sure your home’s entrance feels welcoming.

The first thing to do is remove anything unattractive and make sure your door swings open all the way. There’s something subtly stressful about a door that won’t open completely because there’s a stack of coats on a peg behind the door or something has been stashed there, in hopes of nobody noticing.

If your entryway is small, there are a variety of tricks to make it look larger: Paint the area a light color, put up a decorative mirror to capture incoming light, or place a painting or photo on the wall that provides a sense of depth, such as a landscape with a far off view. If you have room, keep a fresh vase of flowers near your door, which always sends a welcoming signal.

If you live in a condo or home that doesn’t have a designated entryway, you can create one by using a few props. For example, place two tall, slender potted plants on either side of the entryway to give the feeling of walking through a threshold.

You can also use an attractive screen divider or a strategically placed table with a striking plant on top of it to direct the flow of traffic into a certain part of the room first, instead of walking right into the middle of the action. A non-skid area rug also creates a sense of an entryway experience, while preventing visitors from tracking winter mud and moisture into your home.

If you’ve got the time, resources and inclination, you can take an average entryway and make it memorable by adding colorful tile or mosaic flooring. Take a look at this “how to” page for instructions on creating your own mosaic masterpiece.

You can also look online at the Feng shui websites for tips and tricks on how to energize your entryway and make it as visually appealing as possible.

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