Home Selling Advice: Show Seasonal Photos

As you know, there may be a big difference between how your property looks in the spring and summer versus the fall and winter. Because most potential home buyers aren’t mind readers and master gardeners, it’s important to include photos of how your house looks during its most attractive months — instead of only seeing it when dead leaves are blowing around in your driveway.

Most people will have no idea that those stubby little bushes lining your walkway explode into bright pink flowers at the first sign of spring. So you have to show them by including colorful photos in your advertisements.

If your property looks attractive during every season — when it’s covered in autumn leaves, winter snow, and spring and summer flowers, show a photo of it during every season. The important thing is to promote your home in its best light and not assume that a house hunter will be able to look past the piles of leaves and naked branches.

You don’t want your house to be passed over just because your competition thought to include better photos.

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[...] seasonal photos of your home. I wrote about this in a previous blog entry in September, that it’s a good idea to include photos of your home during spring and summer so home buyers [...]

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