Home Selling Advice: Sell Your Area Using Video

Home Selling ImagesMost everybody knows the importance of taking beautiful photos of the house you’re selling, but way fewer people realize the potential sales power of taking photos and videos of your neighborhood and its amenities.

Often, house hunters don’t have the least idea what your neighborhood looks like–especially if they’re relocating from another state, another city, or even across town in the same city! A lot of online real estate searches begin with a drop down menu on a website, where the house hunter has to pick between neighborhood names they know nothing about.

I remember when I was moving from Los Angeles to the San Francisco bay area; I focused my initial housing search on Redwood City, because I thought it would be filled with redwoods. Ha! Imagine my surprise when I found it filled with heavy traffic and buildings instead. I made the same mistake years later when searching for a home in Cottonwood, Arizona. Once I got there I discovered… oh, you can guess the rest.

Leave it to say, an area’s name doesn’t always match what it looks like. (And that’s a good thing if you want to buy in Bloody Basin, Arizona.)

So, if you’d like to make your home stand out from the crowd and add to its desirability, provide more visual information about the area. Get shots of the beautiful park down your street, shoot your charming local library, the green grocer on the corner, the lively shopping district and cafes in your neighborhood, and the quiet tree-lined street where your home is located.

Nowadays, many house hunters are planning to own a home for many years due to the slow housing market — so the neighborhood they choose is becoming increasingly important. And, it’s never been easier to add photos and videos to your home’s online advertisements.

So why just show your kitchen and bathroom, like everybody else? Let the world know about the awesome neighborhood in which you live. You’ll be doing yourself, and your potential home buyers a big favor.

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