Home Selling Advice: 5 Shortcuts to Cleaning Up Before Showings

Home Selling Time SavingsOh, there is nothing quite as fun as having to continuously keep your house spotlessly clean just in case a potential buyer comes by – especially when these buyers are few and far between. That’s why the easier it is to keep the house clean, the better.

Here are five home selling tips for keeping your house “show place” ready on a regular basis:

1. Don’t start clutter piles. Did you ever notice that the minute you put one piece of mail or a magazine on a horizontal surface it starts attracting other pieces of paper? To avoid the gravitational pull of a clutter pile, assign specific places for all the things that enter your home. (For example, create a folder for upcoming event flyers, coupons, and newspaper and magazine articles.)

2. Keep all your remote controls in a decorative basket. With the proliferation of these objects, (I’m up to five now) they can take control of the whole coffee table. Instead, pile them all in a basket and they’ll look a little like art.

3. Keep your entryway swept so there’s less debris to track in your front door. If you have a grass or dirt pathway leading to your house, consider adding stepping stones or laying down bricks, slate or flagstone to keep your entryway clean.

4. Put a decorative mat both inside and outside your door to capture more stray debris before it enters your house and gets dragged across your carpet. Try to find a mat that’s big enough that both shoes walk across it on their way into your house. (Or, if you’re really serious, ban shoes in the house all together.)

5. Invest in a couple of brooms and dustpans and keep them in handy, hidden places in your home. That way when you see an area that needs sweeping or a cobweb that needs removing, it’s easier to reach for it immediately instead of trying to remind yourself later when you’re walking by the broom closet. (This also goes for keeping extra scrub brushes, sponges, paper towels and other cleaning supplies throughout your house for quick cleanups.)

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These all the nice tips, and very useful. I think home sellers are in a tough spot: the number of homes for sale is increasing just as the number of home buyers is decreasing. That means you might have to drop your price to catch a home buyer’s interest. When you are selling your home, it is important to get it ready before the first potential buyer walks through your door. Your real estate agent should have a list of home selling tips that you can use to make your house more attractive to buyers. Doing things like removing clutter and cleaning up the yard are among the easy and inexpensive tasks you can do that will make a big difference in your house’s appearance.

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