Home Sellers: Two Tales of Failed Sales

Frustrated home sellerI’ve heard a lot of hairy home selling stories lately, both from current sellers and from people who’ve already sold their homes. But, every now and then I run into a horror story that takes the cake. And I’ve got one for you today. I think it might make other home sellers feel a little better knowing they’re not the only ones who’ve gone through the home seller’s blues.

Here’s the story:

After Allen had his house up for sale for many months, he finally found a couple who loved the home and were ready, willing and able to buy it. In fact, they were in the midst of making romantic plans to get married in the backyard. Just before the sale was finalized, the bride-to-be discovered that her ex-husband had found an odd loophole that prohibited their under-aged children, with whom they shared custody, from living in the new home… because it was two miles over the state line from where the children were formally domiciled.

The new buyers were devastated. If the woman moved into her new home, she would not be able to bring her children. So the buyers made the painful decision to back out of the deal. Of course, Allen was devastated too. He had his plans all in order to start the next chapter of his life.

The house went back on the market and more time passed. Luckily another couple fell in love with the house and were ready, willing and able to buy it. Just before the deal closed, the husband sailed his boat up the coast to be closer to their new home. However, while out to sea, the boat capsized and sunk. The man survived, but when his boat went down, so did his business. He had been making a living by chartering out that boat. So now, without an income, he couldn’t get a loan and the house sale capsized too.

By this time Allen was feeling preposterously unlucky. But, as the old saying goes, “The third time is the charm.” He did find a third buyer who made it all the way through the sale, and Allen moved on with his life. It’s a horror story that’s behind him now… as this home selling experience will be for you. One day it will be your tale to tell.

Do you have a home seller’s blues story to share? We’d all love to hear it! So please, do tell.

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