Home Sellers: Open Those Windows

Home Seller WindowsWith the weather getting chillier, our natural tendency is to shut those windows tight and keep in all that warm air. Unfortunately, by doing so, we’re also keeping in all the stale air and aromas that are uniquely our own.

Yes, our scents may smell good to us, such as our colognes and simmering stews, but for potential home buyers, they may be foreign and unwanted. It’s the same reason why home sellers are advised to depersonalize their rooms by tucking away family photos and baseball trophies.

It’s much better if you can keep your household looking, feeling and even smelling anonymous, so that house hunters can see themselves living in your space. (Except, of course, unless you are in the middle of baking apple pie or cinnamon bread… which are “feel good” aromas that can attract people to your home.)

By opening up some windows for a short time each day you’ll release some of the home aromas that you might not even know exist because you are so accustomed to them. I was just reading an online review of a bed & breakfast inn, and even though the reviewer said the inn was attractive, she made special mention of a stinky pup who came out to great her.

I’m sure the innkeepers thought their friendly, sweet pet was an asset to their business, but for the guests, their first impression was of the smell of the dog — of which the owners might have been completely unaware.

So this is a very fast, easy tip to follow. Of course, if the weather is dangerously cold you might not want to fling open the windows, but then again you probably won’t have many house hunters out shopping at that time either. But on days when it’s cold, but still tolerable, open up those windows for a little while and let some fresh air in.

It can make a big difference to a potential buyer who may reject your home, even though it looks great and is priced right — just because they are alienated by your home’s air!

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