Home Seller’s Blues Blog in Top 100 Real Estate Blogs for 2013


Every now and then it’s nice to get a public “At-A-Girl” for the work you do. So I was delighted when the Home Sellers Blues Blog was selected amongst the top 100 Real Estate blogs to follow in 2013 in an independent survey!  What made this surprise even better is that it’s rated #54, following such giants as Redfin, National Association of Realtors, Zillow and a variety of large real estate company blogs from all over the world.

Gold Star for Real Estate BloggingWhat this tells me is that it pays to be a little crazy and take risks. I know my writing tends to be a little humorous when it comes to business topics such as how to sell your home — but I also know that we all enjoy reading something that brings us an unexpected smile. And when it comes to selling a home, no matter how the market is doing… we need a reason to smile.

Home selling is a labor-intensive and often emotional process — and it can feel quite personal. This is especially true if your home has been on the market for a while and it just isn’t moving… while a house down the block sells in the first week. You can’t help but feel, “Hey, what’s wrong with my house? What am I doing wrong?”

So for all the home owners out there who are about to put your home on the market, or are waiting for your house to sell — this blog is for you! I hope it cheers you up, gives you inspiration, and makes you laugh when you need it most.

And if you need a little courage and inspiration to take a risk that’s been holding you back from getting something you want in life, check out my ebook about intelligent risk-taking: Instant Guts! How To Take a Risk and Win in Every Area of Your Life.  It’s also available as an audio through Amazon.com.



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Congratulations on 54th spot, some really interesting insights here.

Thanks so much for your congratulations. It makes all the effort worth it when we see that the Home Seller’s Blues Blog is well received and is helping home sellers sell their properties faster and easier — and with less effort and expense.


I own a ‘tired’ up/down duplex and have been fixing it up to put on the market. The main unit is currently rented and I’m fixing up the ‘efficiency’ upstairs and had planned to fix it up first, leave it un-rented intentionally to make it easier to show the house but I’m getting conflicting advice. Some tell me to fully rent the house before attempting to sell it since the most likely buyer would be an investor(which is true) and they are only interested in seeing the leases(income) and NOT the interior of the house at all!? (can that even be true?)
Others are saying it doesn’t matter, go ahead and list it ‘as is’ and keep working on it until I get my price.
My first instinct was to do all the fixing up and THEN list it. What’s best? Finish fixing it up, fully rent it and THEN list it? Or go ahead and list it ‘as is’ and keep working on it in case I get a good price for it ‘as is’?

Hi there gust a,
This is one of those situations where both ideas can work for you (i.e. sell now with less work on your part and the place unrented, or sell later when the upper floor is fixed up and may bring in more rent and a higher price.) Either way you could win. I’m wondering about timing though. Depending upon where you live, there are better times to sell than others. Some markets obviously grow cold in the dead of winter, while others, like Arizona appeal to snow birds who may be shopping at that time. So that’s something to consider. Also, ask yourself what’s the potential difference in price if you sell it “as is” versus fixed and rented.

Any real estate investors or Realtors want to chime in with ideas and opinions?

Thanks for your comment, this is one of those situations worth sharing with other readers who may have been where you are now.


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