Home Sellers: 10 Ways to Lighten Up

Now that summer’s light is fading, it’s especially important to make sure your home glows with warmth and light. Not only should you lighten up for buyers — you should do it for yourself, to keep your own spirits bright.

Here are 10 Ways to Lighten Up:

  1. First, the most obvious one: Keep your curtains open, unless of course you overlook an automobile wrecking yard, mud pit or your neighbor’s garbage cans. Also, keep your windows clean to maximize light coming in.
  2. Speaking of neighbors, if their foliage is overgrown and darkening your rooms, talk to them about it… if possible… and safe. Maybe, if you’re on good terms and ask them in an extremely nice, polite, endearing, semi-groveling way, they’ll consider cutting back their bushes, or perhaps you can volunteer to do it for them. (While you’re at it, make sure your own bushes and trees aren’t blocking light.)
  3. Clean skylights of foliage, grime or anything else that may be dimming the light.
  4. Make sure your rooms are adequately lit and that your bulbs are all working. Place accent lights in gloomy corners and turn them on before showings.
  5. Put lighter colored art on your walls, or pictures with light borders and frames.
  6. Place mirrors on strategic walls to bounce light from your windows around your room.
  7. Consider repainting gloomy-colored rooms with brighter, lighter colors.
  8. Lighten up your furniture. This may mean moving pieces around or adding lighter colored pillows, throws and slip covers.
  9. Add a light colored area rug in dim rooms with dark flooring.
  10. Consider installing a Solatube in rooms with little natural light. Solatubes bring bright light into dark spaces, and can be an economical way to completely change the feel of a room without major renovation or installing skylights.

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I like the idea of adding lighter rugs, that might make a difference to a room. Thanks for that.

Hi Joan,
Good suggestions. I love your suggestion of mirrors – they work great to make small rooms seem bigger.

Thank you for the suggestion of adding a Solatube Daylighting System to a room to brighten it up. I work at Solatube and thought your readers might like to know that right now the product qualifies for a 30% tax credit because of the energy savings. But it expires at the end of this year. So if someone was thinking of getting one soon, they might to take advantage of a discount from Uncle Sam by December 31st.

Thanks again for a great posting!

Cythia, thanks for writing and letting us know about the Solatube tax credit. I live in Orgon and for a lot of homes that do not get enough direct light through the windows Solatubes are a good solution, even on our grey days.

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