Get a Giraffe’s View

When it comes to keeping your house clean for showings, there is something I discovered: A lot of what people see depends on their height. I found out about this when I had a close friend house sit while I was away and the house was up for sale.

You see, my house sitter was 6’3″ and I’m nearly a foot shorter than her. She had a giraffe’s view over my domain, enabling her to look down on the stove hood, tall bookshelves and above some of the window frames.

So when she nicely told me that I needed to do some cleaning, I was shocked. I thought I had the place covered. But when I got up on a footstool and saw the world from her height, I saw a whole world of dust and dirt I didn’t know existed.

It was an enlightening moment to realize that the taller people who had toured the house had a bird’s eye view over my high-elevation dirt.

I’d imagine this works the other way around too… shorter people might see dust in places I didn’t consider.

So the moral of this tall tale is to look high and low when cleaning. You never know the size of a potential buyer and it might make the difference between selling your place, or having to wait for a shorter (or taller) person to buy your house.

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