Frustrated Home Sellers: If Your House Could Talk

With so many people trying to sell a house these days, Realtors and home sellers are looking for that usual edge to stand out from the crowd. Each home is yelling out, or perhaps by now, barking hoarsely, “Pick me! Pick me!”

Interestingly enough, there are two new talky technologies that can make your house more vociferous:

The first is the QR Code — those little square black and white images that are popping up on products everywhere. Now these QR codes are making their way onto “For Sale” signs so house hunters can scan them with a smart phone to receive house selling information.

The code, for example, can bring up the home’s website showing all the features, facts and photos of the house, and take the viewer on a lovely virtual tour. (That’s definitely a step up from trying to peak in all the windows.)

Another way to make your home more outspoken is to turn it into a Talking House. With this device, a home seller can place a little radio transmitter inside their home, which enables house hunters to drive by a “For Sale” sign and tune into a radio station broadcasting a short, enticing sales message about the property.

Because so few home sellers are doing this yet, your talking house can create a memorable first impression, motivating prospects to set up a home viewing appointment.

As these inventions become more common, home sellers will again have to find new and improved ways of shouting out. Perhaps these devices could get into an argument, where one house says, “Buy me! I’ve got more closet space” while a competing house down the street yells back, “Oh yeah, don’t listen to him, he’s got dry rot!”

Maybe that’s a glimpse into the future. But for right now, you might be the only one on your block using these new tactics — enabling your house to talk the loudest.

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Thanks for these tech options. I’m already using QR codes but have not tried the talking house yet. Great tips!

Hi Rich. I think the QR codes, information rich websites, smart phone and Ipad apps are giving savvy home sellers and Realtors a boost in today’s home seller market.
Thanks for your comment and I hope home sales are happening for you in your Albuquerque market.

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