Four Tips For Selling An Ugly House

How to sell an ugly houseWith so many sellers doing their best to make their homes look showplace perfect, house hunters are getting used to seeing nice-looking homes. But, what do you do if the house you’re selling has seen better days–and you don’t have the time, energy or resources to dress it up?

Many people are finding themselves in this situation, due to a family crisis (such as a death), financial difficulties or ill health–which may cause the owner to have to sell suddenly. Many of these homes can be in serious disrepair or at least, seriously cluttered.

In cases such as these, you need to have a plan for quickly and cheaply making the home look as presentable as possible. You’ve got to be able to shoot photos that are inviting enough to make prospects want to visit. And once you have them there, the property needs to be presentable enough to get people to venture inside and see the home’s potential.

Here are four tips for attracting buyers to a down-and-out home:

By following these recommendations, you’ll be better able to compete with pretty properties, and your home just might be the perfect fit for a do-it-yourselfer who’ll fall in love with your down and out house.

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I agree, these are great suggestions Gale! One thing to note, if the roof is damaged, a buyer may not be able to get a loan from a bank…so that’s something that might need to be repaired prior to the close of a transaction. Usually the buyer would pay this type of repair.

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