Five Traits of a Winning Home Seller

Home Selling SuccessYes, the housing market is slow, fewer people are buying and loans are harder to get – but some lucky people are still selling homes. How are they doing it? These lucky home sellers have cultivated five traits that increase their chance of finding a buyer. Ultimately, it boils down to making your home as approachable, livable and lovable as you can.

  1. Make home showings as convenient as possible so more buyers make it through your front door. Rather than setting strict rules, such as “No showings after 7 pm or before 9 am” or “By appointment only — with three hours notice” or by not allowing a lockbox on your property, relax your rules so your home is more approachable to house hunters with their own tight schedules.
  2. Hold open houses. I know they are inconvenient… you have to make your house showplace ready, hide your valuables and vacate the premises along with your schitzu — but the right buyer may show up who wouldn’t have found your place otherwise. Open houses not only lure nosy neighbors, they often attract people who start out with a different set of housing criteria, but may adjust that criteria if they fall in love with your house. Also, if there’s a glut of competing properties, open houses increase the chance that yours is the one they visit.
  3. Make your home lovable to strangers. House hunters have a hard time visualizing themselves moving into your house if it’s filled with things they can’t identify with. That’s why you need to stash the baseball trophies, family photos and teddy bears, and leave lots of clean, uncluttered space for buyers to visualize unpacking their own baseball trophies.
  4. Make your home livable by fixing what’s broken. Even though you may have gotten used to seeing that broken hinge, flappy doorknob, or cracked tile or window pane, buyers will zero right in on them. Every defect is an unlovable checkmark against your house. Your best bet is to get a home inspection before a serious buyer does it, so you can pinpoint and eliminate as many problems as possible. The more you fix, the easier it is for a buyer to make an offer — and to keep the deal from falling apart during the home inspection phase of the transaction.
  5. Pick a price that is approachable by the greatest number of potential buyers. Set your asking price close your bottom line number instead of setting it with more room to negotiate. By setting your price lower, you’ll get more action in the first place. With so many houses on the market, people focus on the best deals rather than those that require price negotiation. Of course, it’s not fun to start with a lower price, but if you want to be a winning home seller, this will definitely make your home as lovable and approachable as possible.

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