Five More Tips on How NOT to Sell Your Home: Part II

Home Selling TipsYesterday I provided you with five tips for preventing home selling success.

Now, here are five more tips that cause home selling difficulty:

1. Fill your home up with giant, comfortable pieces of furniture so buyers can see how many things can fit into a room. No! Don’t!  Huge stuffed couches, chunky tables and plus-sized lamps make your rooms look smaller — unless you live in a castle. Lesser and lighter furniture make your rooms look bigger and helps call attention to your home, not your belongings.

2. Make your home memorable with bold statements such as vivid wall colors and lively patterns on rugs, carpets, curtains and wallpaper. Ugh! You want your home to be quiet and neutral so the maximum number of home buyers can envision their own belongings fitting into your rooms. Many buyers won’t be able to imagine your home without your paisley wallpaper and purple living room ceiling… it makes it difficult for them to envision putting their lime green couch in there!

3. Relocate clutter out of your main rooms and hide it in closets, cabinets, the garage, attic and basement. No, don’t do it! Serious buyers will want to inspect the size and condition of every area, and they’ll be turned off if they can’t see past your clutter. Instead, relocate your things to a place outside your home, such as a storage closet or a Goodwill store.

4. Carpet your bathroom so it’s colorful and cozy. Yuck! Bathrooms are the moistest place in your home and a breeding ground for germs and mildew. Instead, if you need a little color and comfort, select machine-washable area rugs and bathmats.

5. If your home is small, unattractive or nondescript, don’t worry about supplying lots of photos. The lack of photos will make house hunters want to come over and see what it looks like. Nope! Even if your home is small and the rooms are hard to shoot, you can still take numerous close ups of attractive features. The more attractive photos you have, the more you’ll capture the interest of home buyers.

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While catching up on reading recently, an issue of Texas Realtor magazine with statistics from a 2009 survey caught my eye. According to the survey, 38% of buyers and sellers worked with a Realtor who represented both buyer and seller in a transaction. I wonder if this is a good thing.

Thanks for sharing – Becky

The “double agent” phenomena isn’t a good thing when there are definite conflicts of interest between what the buyer wants to achieve and the seller wants to achieve — and communication isn’t straight forward. However, I’ve also seen cases where an agent handled both sides of the transaction for a friend of theirs, did a fantastic job and took a smaller commission. So it’s hard to make 100% black and white pronouncements.

These all the nice tips, and very useful. I think home sellers are in a tough spot: the number of homes for sale is increasing just as the number of home buyers is decreasing. That means you might have to drop your price to catch a home buyer’s interest. When you are selling your home, it is important to get it ready before the first potential buyer walks through your door. Your real estate agent should have a list of home selling tips that you can use to make your house more attractive to buyers. Doing things like removing clutter and cleaning up the yard are among the easy and inexpensive tasks you can do that will make a big difference in your house’s appearance.

Thank you for your comment and your suggestions Mike. The home sellers who are willing to make their homes as attractive as possible — while also making their asking price competitive — are the ones who are still selling. Realtors in my area are telling me that the good houses do get snatched up, even in this market.

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