Do You Have The Home Seller’s Blues?

Home Seller's BluesWith median home prices hitting 9-year lows and no housing recovery in sight, frustrated home sellers continue living in limbo–feeling anxious, angry and tired of cleaning their countertops. It’s almost an epidemic.

Nowadays there is a name and an acronym for every physical and mental condition under the sun. If you grind your teeth and have trouble with your jaw, you have Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, or TMJ. If you can’t stand dark winters, you’ve got Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. If you suffer from a general anxiety disorder, you can be diagnosed with the creatively termed condition, General Anxiety Disorder, or GAD.

But those of us stuck with a house we can’t sell, who feel anxious, sleepless, depressed, frustrated, and out-of-control, there’s been no official name or acronym for this. That’s why I chose the term HSB, and wrote the Home Seller’s Blues book¬† — to provide comfort for those afflicted. It’s similar to going to the doctor and discovering there’s a name for what you’ve got, it’s not all in your head. And, it might make you feel a little bit better knowing you’re not in this alone. There’s millions of other smart, well-meaning people who share your symptoms and know what you’re going through.

As a person with HSB, you’re entitled to educate others about the condition and use your new-found acronym at home and at cocktail parties. You can now stand tall and announce, I’ve got HSB!

To help diagnose the condition, I’ve developed a ten-point HSB Quiz, which is in the book. Here is a sample of the symptoms:

Is there really a cure for the Home Selling Blues? The best cure, of course, is selling your home. Within a matter of hours after handing over the keys, many people experience a sudden, profound recovery. However, there are multiple ways to reduce the severity of the symptoms while waiting for a buyer.

Here’s a simple one: When you catch yourself feeling worried or blue, force yourself to think of three things you’re grateful for. YEAH, I know this is very Pollyanna-ish, but guess what? Your mind simply can’t hold a dark, negative thought at the same time it’s processing a positive one.¬† This means you’ve just given yourself a 15 to 30-second vacation from worry, and the more you do it, the easier it gets to do it again. Which means, if you do it several times a day, you can start reducing the amount of time you’re suffering from HSB.

For many more ways to beat the blues and deal with the waiting time, read Home Seller’s Blues and How To Beat Them. Available in paperback and Ebook at:,, and Barnes &

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