Dedicate 20 Minutes to Worrying

Home Selling Worry ListOkay, resistance is futile. It’s almost impossible not to worry when you’re trying to sell your house and it just sits there month after month… generating electric bills and cobwebs.

But rather than letting worries nip at your heals all day long, make it a habit to worry for 20 focused minutes a day at a convenient, specified time. During your 20 minutes, completely concentrate and luxuriate in all the things that concern you. Write out a list.

Because we don’t usually do this, our worries can seem all-encompassing and insurmountable. But when we corral them together and stare them down as a group, they feel much more organized and manageable.

You may find you don’t have quite as many worries as you thought. You may be thinking you have over 100, but when you make a list, you might discover you only have 78!

Listing your concerns is like writing out a grocery list before you go shopping. If you don’t keep a list, you end up silently reminding yourself all day long of what you need. “Don’t forget the eggs, don’t forget the tin foil…”

But, if you write them all down, you can forget about it and concentrate on other things. The same goes with worries. If you write them down, you won’t have to keep reminding yourself every half hour!

And the truth is you will tackle those worries. Just the act of listing them sets the wheels in motion on a subconscious level, looking for answers. But you have to write them down to start the process going. If you just leave all those worries up in your brain floating around, they seem more dangerous and out-of-control.

So put them all on a list and spend 20 minutes chewing on them intently.

Are you worried that this idea won’t work?

Just add it to your list and give it a try anyway. It might just make you feel better.

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We read the article in the Chicago Tribune about your blues. It did not say how long after you lowered your price did you sell, how much did you have to lower to sell etc. I guess our question is what was the outcome? Thank you.

The bottom line is a combination of efforts resulted in the sale of our home, including lowering the price. It’s the easiest and most difficult thing to do. After lowering the price we received a firm offer within a month. We actually lowered our price several times over a year… all together it was about a 9% drop. Had we started with a lower price in the first place, I firmly believe the house would have sold a lot sooner, and the percentage drop would have been less. That’s one of the lessons I learned that led to the Home Seller’s Blues book.

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