Win/Win Home Pricing

Home Sellers Inspect Yourself!

Quick question: Who asks for a home inspection, the buyer or the seller? You may be thinking, “The buyer does, of course!” But in a tough market, home sellers can gain a big advantage by getting a pre-inspection first. I can hear you saying, “I’ve got enough headaches, without paying to find more of them! [...]

A Short Story About Short Sales

Let’s say you did everything right: You bought a nice house after careful consideration and you had enough money to pay your monthly bills. But then one day you’re slammed with whopping medical bills or you have to relocate for work. Suddenly you need to sell your home – and unfortunately, it’s now worth less [...]

Your Home Selling Price Is Not Your Personal Price

The funny thing about pricing a home is it’s easy to equate your home price with your price as a person. That’s one of the reasons many people don’t want to lower their price, even if it will help them sell their home more quickly. It might not be because they’ll be underwater with their [...]

Your Secret Number

I know, it’s tempting to start out with a higher asking price for your home, thinking that you’ll accept a lower price if someone makes you an offer… or that you can always reduce your asking price if it doesn’t pan out. But here’s one big reason why you shouldn’t start out high: You’ll immediately [...]

Home Selling Tips: Don’t Quibble, Celebrate

After months of waiting and maybe lowering your price several times, the amazing day comes when you get an offer. It’s for a few thousand less than you really wanted. You say to yourself, “My price is already low, it’s the principle of the thing!” So you face a dilemma: You want to sell your [...]