Attracting home buyers

Five More Tips on How NOT to Sell Your Home: Part II

Yesterday I provided you with five tips for preventing home selling success. Now, here are five more tips that cause home selling difficulty: 1. Fill your home up with giant, comfortable pieces of furniture so buyers can see how many things can fit into a room. No! Don’t!¬† Huge stuffed couches, chunky tables and plus-sized [...]

Five Tips to Prevent Home Selling Success… or How NOT to Sell Your Home

I hear this phrase often — I’m having a hard time selling my house! Well, it could be caused by the current market conditions or that you live next door to the freeway. Or, you might be inadvertently doing something that’s standing in the way of selling your home. Here are five tips that can [...]

Home Selling Tip: Five Upgrades You Can Do In a Weekend

Help!¬† You say your house isn’t selling? Your house has been on the market for months and months and still no bites? If your home selling price is right and you’re doing a good job of promoting your property far and wide, then maybe your home needs a little sprucing up. I can hear you [...]

Home Selling Advice: 5 Shortcuts to Cleaning Up Before Showings

Oh, there is nothing quite as fun as having to continuously keep your house spotlessly clean just in case a potential buyer comes by – especially when these buyers are few and far between. That’s why the easier it is to keep the house clean, the better. Here are five home selling tips for keeping [...]

Your house isn’t selling? This may be why…

You may have heard multiple times already that there are three main reasons your house isn’t selling: either the price is too high, something is wrong with its appearance or condition, or it isn’t being marketed correctly. Right now I want to talk about the first reason — your house is priced too high. This [...]

Home Selling Tip: How To Create a Home-Buyer Magnet

I know, your home selling experience probably hasn’t been much fun. But wait! Here’s a home selling tip that will make your home more desirable to buyers while simultaneously making it more fun to live in while you wait: All you need to do is identify a small space in your home, such as an [...]

Home Selling Tip: How To Gain Web Appeal

Almost 90% of all home buyers start their search online. With numbers like this, it’s important¬† that your property has as much “web appeal” and it has “curb appeal.” You won’t get many people pulling up to your curb without thoroughly engaging them online first. What’s the best way to gain web appeal? Showcase a [...]

Home Selling Advice: Five ways to safe guard your home

Amongst the difficulties home sellers encounter is the need to open your door to people you don’t know. And while Realtors often do a great job of prequalifying prospects before taking them touring, there’s no way to guarantee that everyone stepping through your door is a potential buyer — and not a potential pilferer or [...]

Five things to do while waiting for the house to sell

With the glut of houses on the market in many areas of the country, it might take a while until you sell your home. So what do you do with yourself while you’re waiting? Rather than spending your time feeling frustrated and anxious, you can just as easily focus on making your life more enjoyable. [...]

A Positive Shift in Future Home Ownership

With all the gloom and doom we hear about the economic meltdown and the decline in home ownership, it’s refreshing to hear that something positive can come out of this situation: I was just reading an interview with Dennis Jacobe, Ph.D., Gallup Management Journal’s chief economist, that one of the long-term shifts brought about by [...]