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Home Selling Advice: Upgrading Your Kitchen For Way Less Money

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, people tend to gravitate to the warmth and safety of the kitchen. But what if warped cabinets, ugly flooring, or cracked, crowded countertops distract from your kitchen’s ambiance? Well, you might think about doing a remodel… but the average price these days for a good [...]

Home Selling Made Easier With 5 Mobile Apps

I’m always on the lookout for bright ideas that will make home selling easier, faster and less painful while also maximizing the potential asking price for your home. Thankfully, there is an ever-expanding array of applications for the iPhone, Ipad and other mobile devices that will help you accurately price your home, improve its appearance [...]

Home Selling Tip: How To Create a Home-Buyer Magnet

I know, your home selling experience probably hasn’t been much fun. But wait! Here’s a home selling tip that will make your home more desirable to buyers while simultaneously making it more fun to live in while you wait: All you need to do is identify a small space in your home, such as an [...]

Home Sellers: 10 Ways to Lighten Up

Now that summer’s light is fading, it’s especially important to make sure your home glows with warmth and light. Not only should you lighten up for buyers — you should do it for yourself, to keep your own spirits bright. Here are 10 Ways to Lighten Up: First, the most obvious one: Keep your curtains [...]

Home Selling Tips: Your Garage

Think about your garage. You might not think of it as a very attractive room, but it can be an important selling point.  Especially if other home sellers aren’t paying attention to their garages, while yours stands out from all the competition. Instead of your garage being a dark, spider-webby place piled high with things [...]