Home Appeal – Outside

Home Selling Advice: Show Seasonal Photos

As you know, there may be a big difference between how your property looks in the spring and summer versus the fall and winter. Because most potential home buyers aren’t mind readers and master gardeners, it’s important to include photos of how your house looks during its most attractive months — instead of only seeing [...]

Home Selling Tips: Name That House

Here’s a way to give your house a personality and instantly make it more memorable – give it a name. Home naming is an old custom that started when aristocrats began naming their manors and castles. The practice then spread to owners of smaller properties who enjoyed personalizing their homesteads. Today, people still name their [...]

A Terribly Innocent Home Selling Mistake

Sometimes, all it takes for someone to reject your house is to see something crooked. A tilted address number, a slanting gate or fencepost, a wobbly chair on you front porch… even a slanted “For Sale” sign can speak volumes. You  may not have even noticed. In fact, it may have gone crooked an hour [...]