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Home Selling Tip: How To Gain Web Appeal

Almost 90% of all home buyers start their search online. With numbers like this, it’s important  that your property has as much “web appeal” and it has “curb appeal.” You won’t get many people pulling up to your curb without thoroughly engaging them online first. What’s the best way to gain web appeal? Showcase a [...]

Five things to do while waiting for the house to sell

With the glut of houses on the market in many areas of the country, it might take a while until you sell your home. So what do you do with yourself while you’re waiting? Rather than spending your time feeling frustrated and anxious, you can just as easily focus on making your life more enjoyable. [...]

A Positive Shift in Future Home Ownership

With all the gloom and doom we hear about the economic meltdown and the decline in home ownership, it’s refreshing to hear that something positive can come out of this situation: I was just reading an interview with Dennis Jacobe, Ph.D., Gallup Management Journal’s chief economist, that one of the long-term shifts brought about by [...]

10 Big Things Home Sellers Can Control

In my last post I was talking about why home sellers get frustrated… throughout history most people were able to pull up stakes when resources ran low or new opportunities beckoned. Nowadays, however, we’re tied to our properties and unable to move on when we need to.  But the good news is we do have [...]

Home Selling Tip: Has Your Home Been Hibernating?

Could you believe it, next month is spring already? I know your house might presently be buried under two feet of snow and it certainly doesn’t feel much like spring… but this is actually a great time to get a jump-start on your spring cleaning efforts. Spring is kick-off season for many home sellers, and [...]

Four Tips For Selling An Ugly House

With so many sellers doing their best to make their homes look showplace perfect, house hunters are getting used to seeing nice-looking homes. But, what do you do if the house you’re selling has seen better days–and you don’t have the time, energy or resources to dress it up? Many people are finding themselves in [...]

Do This One Thing To Help Sell Your House

Happy Thanksgiving week everybody! Hopefully you have a little time off from your usual schedule. This is a great time to find one thing you can do this week that’s completely different than your typical activities. One thing you haven’t done yet that just might help you reach your goal of home selling. You might [...]

Home Selling Tips for Attracting Fall and Winter Buyers

Now that the leaves are falling in droves and rain and snow are on the way, home sellers need to adjust their approach to maintaining curb appeal. Front yards can look pretty drab once the leaves drop and all the flowers are gone, so it’s important to create new ways to make the front of [...]

Home Seller Tip: Sell Your Front Door

Every potential buyer who comes to see your home is going to spend a moment standing and staring at your front door before it’s unlocked. Most buyers will ask themselves two questions while waiting for that door to swing open: 1. Would I be happy walking through this door each day? 2. Will this entryway impress [...]

Home Selling Advice: Handling Difficult Neighbors

Now here’s a prickly problem many home sellers face: Let’s say you’ve done everything to make your home irresistible — the place looks great and the price is right. But let’s say there’s a kid next door who plays basketball for hours everyday. All you hear is bounce, bounce, bounce. So you get a little [...]