Staying Happy While You Wait

While Waiting For Your House To Sell

“I really want to go there sometime.” How often do we hear ourselves say this? Whether it’s visiting a park, a store, a coffee house, a little museum or a club that plays jazz at night, this is the perfect time — while waiting for your house to sell — to check out the local [...]

Stop Worrying, Start Sleeping

It’s a common pastime amongst home sellers – lying awake at night worrying… wondering… To make it worse, problems often seem more ferocious at night than they do during the day, which can set your heart racing and feet pacing. So here’s how to disrupt nighttime worry patterns so your sleep is more restorative: (And [...]

Waiting: Made Fun

Waiting for your house to sell doesn’t have to be a drag. There’s a lot you can do while you wait. For example, you can play Santa.          Give your old stuff away. Not only will it make your house look better and make moving easier, you get a little thrill each time you give something [...]