How to Beat the Blues

A Home Seller Midnight Worry Tool

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night because home selling worries are keeping you up, I’ve got an unusual idea for you: Have you heard of Guatemalan worry dolls? First off, let me explain what they are in case you haven’t heard of them: They’re these tiny dolls from Guatemala that come in a set [...]

Do You Have The Home Seller’s Blues?

With median home prices hitting 9-year lows and no housing recovery in sight, frustrated home sellers continue living in limbo–feeling anxious, angry and tired of cleaning their countertops. It’s almost an epidemic. Nowadays there is a name and an acronym for every physical and mental condition under the sun. If you grind your teeth and [...]

10 Big Things Home Sellers Can Control

In my last post I was talking about why home sellers get frustrated… throughout history most people were able to pull up stakes when resources ran low or new opportunities beckoned. Nowadays, however, we’re tied to our properties and unable to move on when we need to.¬† But the good news is we do have [...]

Why Home Sellers Get Crabby

It’s an unnatural state for any living thing to not be able to move on when the mood or need strikes. Most animals are free to roam the plains, swim the oceans and navigate the skies. There are even trees in the Amazon known as “Walking Trees” which can grow new appendages that enable them [...]

Home Seller’s News: Multigenerational Housing Solutions

Here’s a valuable statistical tidbit: national census data indicates an accelerating growth in the number of multi-generational and extended family households forming in the U.S. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. With¬† layoffs, foreclosures, larger bills and smaller bank accounts, an increasing number of families are teaming up to combat financial challenges. One housing [...]

Home Sellers: Two Tales of Failed Sales

I’ve heard a lot of hairy home selling stories lately, both from current sellers and from people who’ve already sold their homes. But, every now and then I run into a horror story that takes the cake. And I’ve got one for you today. I think it might make other home sellers feel a little [...]

Home Selling Exercise

Now that the holidays are over, most everybody is thinking about ways to get more exercise, burn off excess cookie calories and better organize their lives. If you’re a home seller this is good news, because you can actually accomplish all three of these things simultaneously! How? Since one of the frustrations of home selling [...]

Attract Home Buyers Through Niche Blogging

If you’re reading this post, then you know there’s a blog for every audience. Which means niche blogging can be a terrific venue for targeting specific people — who just may be interested in buying your property. Let’s say you’re an avid gardener and you’ve created a blog about plants you love, including photos of [...]

Why I Still Love Home Ownership

Yahoo Finance just had another article about the joys of renting over home ownership. I’ve seen a lot of these lately, along with some rebuttals as to why owning is better. So I’m jumping in to add my own two cents because I’ve done both. To me, the difference between owning and renting is a [...]

A Dating Service For Houses

I’m always impressed by how resourceful we can be when caught in a pinch. We often find unique solutions and invent new game rules to make it all work out. That’s what’s happening right now amongst home sellers stuck in an impasse. We can’t buy a house until we sell our current one, and neither [...]