Attract Home Buyers Through Niche Blogging

Home selling niche blogging imageIf you’re reading this post, then you know there’s a blog for every audience. Which means niche blogging can be a terrific venue for targeting specific people — who just may be interested in buying your property.

Let’s say you’re an avid gardener and you’ve created a blog about plants you love, including photos of the amazing delphiniums growing along the pathway to your front door. Now, let’s say you mention that you’re selling your home, and you include a few photos, along with a link to more sales information. This scenario actually resulted in a sale for one happy blogger who was just doing what she loved to do!

Now let’s expand this idea… if you’re a horse enthusiast with a stable, a wood crafter with a workshop, an artist with a studio, an RV fan with a big garage, a surfer living next to the perfect waves, a professor living next to a campus, a foodie eating your way across a landscape of nearby restaurants, a hiker, biker or a runner surrounded by beautiful trails, or a retiree enjoying the fruits of an ideal retirement destination, then you have a niche worth blogging about. There are hundreds of niches for every interest and taste — and every one of them can attract an audience who may include the future buyer of your home.

What makes this home selling strategy even better is that it’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s free. You can sign up and start blogging today by going to,,, or any of the other free blogging sites.

If you’re already involved with a group interested in the same things you are, you’ve got a built-in audience that you can grow. If you’re not part of a group, you can plug into an audience of like-minded people by doing a search for their blogs and websites, and then joining in. By posting relevant comments on their sites, you can start attracting an audience to your own blog.

This in not only a strategy for selling your house, in the process you’ll also be overcoming the Home Seller’s Blues by making new friends and concentrating on the things you enjoy.

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