A Terribly Innocent Home Selling Mistake

Home Selling MistakeSometimes, all it takes for someone to reject your house is to see something crooked. A tilted address number, a slanting gate or fencepost, a wobbly chair on you front porch… even a slanted “For Sale” sign can speak volumes.

You  may not have even noticed. In fact, it may have gone crooked an hour ago, caused by a gust of wind.

But to a house hunter, it can be interpreted one of three ways:

  1. Your home is in disrepair. After all, if your “For Sale” sign is crooked, it can potentially mean your foundation is too. (Causing prospects to reject your home, or immediately knock $10,000 off the offer price.)
  2. You’re desperate for a sale and don’t have the energy to polish your home’s appearance. (Again, this may signal prospects to knock $10,000 off their price.)
  3. Your house is haunted.

After all, in many scary movies, what do you see? Crooked gravestones, unhinged screendoors and crooked shutters. Clearly, it’s the outcome of a supernatural power that grew tired and leaned up against something outside your home.

No matter what the reason, home buyers don’t like to see asymmetry. Even though a little crookedness may look perfectly innocent to you, it can be enough to make house hunters decide against going inside. After all, it may be the result of a poltergeist they don’t want to encounter!

The answer to all of this is simply to do ongoing “walkarounds.” Look for anything that may be tilting, slanting, or leaning up against your house in a crooked way.

If you’ve had your house on the market for months, you may not have noticed diminishing curb appeal – and that’s dangerous. Remember to always look at your house as if you’re a house hunter seeing it for the very first time. Straightening one slanted window shutter may make all the difference in a sale.

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