A Positive Shift in Future Home Ownership

Home Selling Advice for the FutureWith all the gloom and doom we hear about the economic meltdown and the decline in home ownership, it’s refreshing to hear that something positive can come out of this situation:

I was just reading an interview with Dennis Jacobe, Ph.D., Gallup Management Journal’s chief economist, that one of the long-term shifts brought about by the downturn is a change in how people will pick where they want to live — and how long they’ll live there.

Until recently, companies typically moved employees around to different offices, paying their relocation expenses and sometimes even buying their old homes and selling them themselves. But now, companies aren’t springing for these expenses. To cut costs, an increasing number of businesses are letting employees stay in their current locations and do their work virtually, using the available technologies.

More people are also finding themselves “job free,” and out of necessity, starting their own small or freelance businesses, enabling them to choose where they want to live. This means people can pick a home based on an area’s amenities, such as outdoor activities, or to be closer to family — instead of buying a house to be close to a corporate building.

As a result of this shift, people are likely to stay in a home for a longer time, instead of relocating to move up the corporate ladder or grow a career. Rather than packing and unpacking, remodeling and home improvement projects will take center stage as families expand or prepare for lifestyle changes, such as retirement. In addition, homeowners will also be able to create deeper ties to their communities and establish long-lasting bonds.

As Dennis Jacobe states, “Homeownership is likely to be an even better American dream. You not only get all the traditional benefits of being a homeowner — owning your own piece of America — but you also get a lot more freedom in choosing where you live and how you live.”

For home sellers, this speaks to the growing importance of not only promoting the features in your home, but also the features of your area, such as hiking and biking trails, cultural resources, nearby schools, restaurants, entertainment, medical facilities and public transportation.

Think in terms of your home’s next owner may be living there for the next 20 years, so what would they want during their life cycle of home ownership? That’s what you need to promote to buyers when marketing your home.

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