A Home Selling And Moving Tip to Save You Money

Home Selling Tips for MovingLet me tell you a quick story — actually a confession — about one of my own home selling experiences:

Many moves ago when my husband and I listed our house for sale, I knew the importance of decluttering — so we promptly threw two tons of belongings into boxes and hauled them off to a storage closet.

These boxes sat there for three years — until we finally found the perfect house where we could unpack them and enjoy their contents.

Meanwhile, the cost of renting that storage closet grew into the thousands. Then those boxes had to be trucked to our new home–far away–costing us several thousand more.

Finally, we unpacked the boxes only to realize that we didn’t need most of the items in them. They contained out-dated reference books, out-of-style outfits and dust-collecting doodads that didn’t fit with our new surroundings. And to think of all the money we paid storing and trucking these things. (We could have taken an all-expense trip to Fiji for the price we paid to keep that stuff!)

So, the moral of the story is to get your moving act together early. Don’t wait until you’ve moved to your next place to sort out your old belongings. Do it now. If you need to put things in storage, only pack up the things you need, love and truly want. Get rid of the rest. There are dozens of charity organizations, recyclers and probably even friends who would appreciate  your spare parts.

For more  inspiration, here’s a moving house checklist from Homebase with useful information to make packing and moving easier. You’ll also find a “moving timetable” to help plot out the entire process ahead of time. This site also provides many moving home and selling tips — for example, including your home’s floor plan and high-quality wide-angle shots of your rooms in your online home promotions. This will give potential buyers a better feel for your home’s layout.

The important thing is to plan ahead — before the house is sold, before the moving trucks come, before you’ve even figured out where you’re going to move next. A clean, organized house and a well-packed storage closet (if you need one)  will save you time, money and your sanity in the long run.

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