A Home Seller Midnight Worry Tool

Eyes of a Worried Home SellerIf you’re having trouble sleeping at night because home selling worries are keeping you up, I’ve got an unusual idea for you: Have you heard of Guatemalan worry dolls?

First off, let me explain what they are in case you haven’t heard of them: They’re these tiny dolls from Guatemala that come in a set of six. Legend has it that Guatemalan children are supposed to tell one of their worries to each of the dolls before bedtime, stick them under their pillow, and then in the morning their worries will be gone.

Now I wish that was true. However, I did work out a system for us adult worriers to use these little figures. Now… don’t laugh. At times when I’ve got a number of tough issues on my mind, I bring out my box of Guatemalan worry dolls and assign each figure with one of my concerns. Then I place them on the opposite side of the room for the night, to symbolize that I’m parking my worries outside of myself. Then, if I do find my mind churning, I remind myself that my worries are parked elsewhere — and I focus on keeping my head a worry-free zone for the night.

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this several times, but I do find this system short-circuits some middle-of-the-night worry sessions — allowing me more sleep. I just wish those dolls would solve all of my concerns though. They don’t seem to do that. But for $4.00 on Amazon, you can’t expect miracles.

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