A Dating Service For Houses

I’m always impressed by how resourceful we can be when caught in a pinch. We often find unique solutions and invent new game rules to make it all work out. That’s what’s happening right now amongst home sellers stuck in an impasse. We can’t buy a house until we sell our current one, and neither can our potential buyers.

Enter the idea of permanent home swapping. At first it seemed pretty unrealistic. How do you find two perfect matches willing to exchange homes? How do you handle complicated paperwork and differing home prices? Being the resourceful creatures that we are, we’re busily inventing businesses to solve these problems.

Online home swapping groups are sprouting up worldwide. These businesses are creating a growing pool of interested homeowners, giving each member a better chance of finding a good match. It’s like Match.com for houses. At GoSwap.org, for instance, visitors can check out listings, photos, get a description of the property, price, location and where the owner would consider moving. More and more groups are also getting adept at handling the paperwork for these swaps.

Swapping between home sizes, prices and even homes and raw land is not a problem anymore either. You can trade up or down and adjust to a larger or smaller mortgage. There are even swapping chains going on where “Owner A” swaps with “Owner B” who swaps with “Owner C,” and everyone gets the property they want.

I’ve just witnessed a home swap with my own eyes so I know it works. A friend of mine had a condo, but was hankering for a house. Six blocks away she met a seller with a house she couldn’t afford to keep. Both couldn’t find buyers but they found each other – and simply swapped properties. My friend with the condo took out a mortgage to meet the higher price of the house, and the owner of the house got out of financial stress by moving to the lower priced condo.

Neither found their absolute dream property, but both are highly satisfied. And that’s a key concept with these swaps. You might not get exactly what you want, but you might find something that meets most of your needs… give or take a hall closet, a bedroom, or a location a few miles away.

I think we should give ourselves a hand for inventing a home selling solution that might just reduce the housing market gridlock. And as we problem-solving humans like to say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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I think the key is not being too picky about what house you swap with. So it must depend upon how desperate both home swappers truly are.

This is a very informative article, and could be exactly the solution that my husband and I are seeking. I had no idea this was even happening. Thank you for inspiring me.

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