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Home Selling Advice: Look for International Buyers

Did you realize that during this past year alone, a staggering $82 billion of residential property in the U.S. was bought by foreign or foreign-born buyers? The National Association of Realtors reported this fact, along with the news that this was a $16 billion increase from the year before. What makes this more interesting yet [...]

Home Selling Props You Get To Take With You

Most home selling improvements that you make have to stay with your property when you sell it. Light fixtures, faucets, decorative curtain rods, new towel racks, and expensive rose bushes are all part of the deal — the new buyer gets to keep everything attached to your house, unless otherwise stated. And you know, it’s [...]

Home Selling Scenario – When Buyers Fall For Your House

Recently I accompanied my friend Deb on a house hunt. As we were making our way up a slick wooden walkway to the front door of a house she really wanted to see, I heard a loud whoomp behind me. I turned around to see Deb flat out on her back, checking out the house [...]

Home Selling Apps We Only Wish We Had

I wrote a post recently about five mobile apps that make home selling easier. These apps help home sellers price their homes competitively, provide smart decorating tips, and even turn the air conditioning on before a home showing appointment. But, really now, frustrated home sellers need a little more hands-on support. So, I came up [...]

Home Selling Therapy

One of the fastest ways to make a big difference in your home is to add strategic color to your walls and decor. It’s the perfect weekend home selling therapy because you are in control, and within hours you can make an attractive change to your environment that can subtly influence home buyers. Everyone has [...]