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Home Selling Tip: Focus on Buyer Descriptions

One way to get buyers to your front door who would specifically be interested in your home is to craft a sales message that would appeal directly to that group. For example, if your home is the perfect place for young couples just starting out, your sales description should emphasize features such as a secure [...]

Home Seller’s News: Multigenerational Housing Solutions

Here’s a valuable statistical tidbit: national census data indicates an accelerating growth in the number of multi-generational and extended family households forming in the U.S. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise. With  layoffs, foreclosures, larger bills and smaller bank accounts, an increasing number of families are teaming up to combat financial challenges. One housing [...]

Home Selling Tip: Has Your Home Been Hibernating?

Could you believe it, next month is spring already? I know your house might presently be buried under two feet of snow and it certainly doesn’t feel much like spring… but this is actually a great time to get a jump-start on your spring cleaning efforts. Spring is kick-off season for many home sellers, and [...]